On The Spot | Leonardo Campana

Wolves’ Ecuadorian forward gives his best answers to ten randomly selected questions.

#2 What opposition stadium do you like playing at most?

When I was playing for Barcelona SC, I would enjoy playing against our local rival Emelec. The matches in their stadium were great and I loved playing in those rivalry games.

#4 Aside from Wolves, who is the best player you’ve played with?

Antonio Valencia. I played with him for the national team and he’s a great player, but he’s also a really good person.

#10 Which teammate’s hair could you work better?

Adama. It’s a bit different.

#14 What is your favourite TV programme of all time?

I have to think about this one because I would have said Game of Thrones, but the last season wasn’t very good. now my favourite would probably be Breaking Bad.

#32 What was your favourite pet growing up?

My pet growing up was a dog. He was a French bulldog called Benjy. He’s 12-year-old and he still lives with my family today.

#36 What sport do you dislike the most?

Baseball. I just don’t understand why people enjoy it. Cricket is almost the same!

#37 Do you have any phobias?

The only thing I am is claustrophobic. I don’t like being in small spaces.

On The Spot
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#38 Do you have any superstitions?

When I put my shoes on, I have to make sure I touch every part of the lace coming up my shoes before I tighten them, and I always have to play with a white bandage round my right wrist. It’s a psychological thing and if I don’t do them, I feel different. When I do them, I know it’s going to be great.

#40 If you could time travel where would you go?

I would go to the time when I was top scorer in the South American under-20 championships last year. It was an incredible feeling. It was in Chile and it was an incredible tournament, so I would love to relive that again.

#45 What is the proudest moment in your life so far?

Being here at Wolves is a very proud moment in my life, but also what I spoke about before in being the top scorer in the South American championships. They are both my proudest moments.