Hire the Wolves Mascots

Kick-Off your Event with Wolfie, Wendy, and Wilfred!

Score big on excitement and entertainment as our dynamic trio— Wolfie, Wendy and Wilfred —kick off the thrill of the game at your next event! Whether it's a birthday bash, corporate gathering or community celebration, the Pack are on hand paw to make it a match-winning experience.

To hire a mascot email us on mascothire@wolves.co.uk

Meet Wolfie, the leader of the pack! With bags of experience, wit and wisdom, Wolfie is the seasoned veteran of the mascot world. Let Wolfie take centre stage with all the charm and charism you’d expect from the boss. As a star goalie, he's not just a mascot but a master at saving penalties as he channels his inner Jose Sa. Off the field, Wolfie is a true ambassador for the team, oozing confidence, professionalism and the most important thing, he brings the FUN! Wolfie is the go-to figure for fans young and old…plus, he absolutely loves a posing for the camera.

Say hello to Wendy, the life of the party and the dancing sensation, she is the heartbeat of the mascot trio. A master of the latest TikTok trends, she brings an infectious energy that gets kids and fans alike moving to the rhythm. With her impeccable dance moves, Wendy brings that electric atmosphere she creates in the stands and delivers it straight to your event. Beyond the dance floor, she's a social media maven, engaging fans with her vibrant personality and ensuring everyone has an amazing time!

High-fives at the ready! Make way for Wilfred, the youngest and cheekiest member of the Wolf trio. Despite his mischievous antics, Wilfred is a crowd-pleaser, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes. His dance skills rival even those of Wendy, and he's always up for a challenge or a playful trick to keep fans entertained. Wilfred is the selfie king, capturing moments of pure excitement and fun, and his youthful energy adds a dynamic and entertaining element to every event. Get ready for laughs, surprises, and plenty of adorable selfies with Wilfred around!