Reporting incidents

At Wolves, difference is embraced and the club want to make sure everyone who attends football matches at the stadium is welcome and free from any kind of hate or abuse.

Reporting incidents on a matchday

Discriminatory behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated at Molineux. If you witness any act of hate, discrimination or abusive behaviour at Molineux, you can confidentially report it by the following methods.

  • Tell A Steward
  • Text 07723 479887 and start your message with the word WOLVES

We ask all supporters to report incidents and the most efficient way to do this is by speaking directly to a steward. However, in situations where this is not possible, supporters should use the text reporting service, providing as much detail regarding the incident as possible.  For example, where the incident has taken place, where the offender is located, where the reporter is located.

We advise all supporters to store the text reporting number in their mobile phones for easy access should they require it on matchday. The number is displayed on signage around Molineux, on the big screen and LED ribbons and on all match to match or season tickets. The text service is available on home matchdays only. Supporters who witness discriminatory abuse at an away fixture should follow the host club’s reporting procedure or speak to a steward on the day. 

The club was proud to launch the text reporting service having listened to feedback from a fan survey, where supporters overwhelmingly agreed that Molineux should be a safe place to enjoy football and a confidential reporting service would be of benefit to tackling issues.

Those identified as partaking in such behaviour will be dealt with in line with the club’s newly revised acceptable behaviour policy.

What happens when I report an incident?

Once an incident has been reported, it will be logged and fed back to the stadium control room. The area will then be monitored on CCTV and stewards in the area will be notified.

In some instances, it will not always be possible for the club to take visible action straight away. However, supporters should be assured that incidents will be logged and be monitored even if there is no visual indication that this is happening.

Having reported an incident using the text message reporting service, supporters may receive a reply from the club asking them for further information or providing further instructions.

There may also be a requirement for the club to contact the reporter for further information in the days following the incident. It is also likely that the details of the incidents will be passed to the police for further investigation. In order to progress the investigation, reporters may be asked to provide a statement.

Reporting incidents on social media

We want our social media platforms to be kind and respectful, free from hate, discrimination and abuse. We will block accounts that bring hate to our channels or dehumanise and target our players, staff or supporters. Acts of hate crime will also be reported to the police.

If any supporters see a comment on official club channels that promotes hate towards race, colour, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, sex, age or class, please send the URL of the post in question to

We will continue to promote equality and we are committed to making our channels inclusive for everyone.

What happens if I report football-related hate crime or incident of abuse from social media to the club?

The club will share all reports of football-related hate crime or incidents of abuse to the police for the incident to be investigated fully. The club will assist the police in their investigations.

Once the investigation has concluded and if the police deem that a crime has been committed, they will take action, and the club will be updated and will act in line with the newly revised acceptable behaviour policy, which can be found here.

We strongly urge supporters to report all incidents of abuse or discrimination directly to the police and the social media network as well as reporting any football-related incidents to the club.

Anyone who has been a victim of a football-related hate crime, or has information about an offence, should report it by calling 101, or via the live chat on the West Midlands Police website.

Reports of hate crime, as with any other offence, can be made anonymously.