On The Spot | Romain Saiss

Wolves’ Moroccan, celebrating his 30th birthday today, gives his best answer to ten randomly selected questions.

#7 Which team mate would you not want to be stuck on a desert island with?

Maybe Adama. I’d be scared if we didn’t find food and water he’d want to eat me.

#11 Can you reveal a secret talent in the Wolves dressing room?

I’m thinking the opposite. ‘Doc’ (Matt Doherty) thinks he’s good at cricket but he’s really bad.

#12 How do you keep entertained on away trips?

Sometimes I take a PlayStation in a case with a TV inside. I just need a plug on the bus. We always play FIFA.

#13 What is your favourite film of all time?

Scarface. I’ve seen it many times.

#17 What is your speciality meal?

I like to cook apple crumble for my wife and kids. I’m good and I like to cook it, either custard or ice cream.

#18 What is your favourite holiday destination?

I go to France or Morocco to visit family. Then we try to different places, but most of the time it’s to visit the family.

#21 What is the best thing you’ve ever bought?

My first apartment in Marrakesh, Morocco. It’s really nice and is in a good location. I still have it for me and the family to use.

#27 What new hobby would you like to get into?

I like to cook, but I need more desire. I start, but after five minutes it’s too long. When I cook, I’m happy after, so I want to do it more.

#32 What was your favourite pet growing up?

I had and still have dogs. We had three when I was a kid in my family home, one big and two small. Now I have one big one, I’ve always liked dogs.

#36 What sport do you dislike most?

Cricket. How can they be for five days? I can understand the guys playing, but not the guys watching on TV or live.

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