Quickfire Questions | Romain Saiss

In the Quickfire Questions hot seat this week is Wolves defender Romain Saiss.

Ahead of preparing for the final pre-season friendly of the campaign as Celta Vigo are visitors to Molineux, Saiss is the latest first-team star to face a selection of random 'would you rather' questions, before giving the first answer that comes into his head.

Would you rather…

Kick-off at lunchtime or at night?

At night

Face a penalty from Messi or Ronaldo?


Score one goal from half-way line or five goals from one yard out?

Five from one yard

Play at Anfield or Old Trafford?


Be best friends with manager or referee?

The manager

Improve your shooting or tackling?

My shooting

Play with an extra defender or attacker?

An extra attacker

Managed by Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger?


Have Lampard or Gerrard as your captain?


Wear a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved shirt?

Short sleeves

See a footballer as president or president as footballer?

The president as a footballer

Have played with Pele or Maradona?


Be four foot with 99 speed or eight foot and can’t run?

Four foot and fast

Play your debut or last game again?

Last game

Be the worst player on the greatest team or best player on a good team?

Best player on a good team