Quickfire Questions | Leander Dendoncker

In the Quickfire Questions hot seat this week is Wolves midfielder Leander Dendoncker.

Set to join up with his Wolves teammates next week following his exploits for Belgium in Euro 2020, Dendoncker is the latest first-team star to face a selection of random 'would you rather' questions, before giving the first answer that comes into his head.

Would you rather…

Win the Champions League or World Cup?

The World Cup

Play in the winter or in the summer?

The summer

Have met Pele or Maradona?


Be managed by Ferguson or Wenger?


Have a team of goalkeepers or strikers?


Remove the handball or offside rule?

Remove handballs

Have Traore’s speed or Boly’s strength?

Traore's speed

Have a statue or a stand in your name?

A statue

The prime minister as a footballer or footballer as a prime minister?

A footballer as prime minister

Be captained by Keane or Vieira?


Play 30 years in the past or 30 years in the future?

30 years in the past

Be a manager or TV pundit?

A manager

Go to the gym or for a swim?

Go swimming

Play your debut or last game again?

My debut