New signing | Tammi George

Tammi’s back in the pack! Twelve months after leaving Wolves Women to sign for Super League team Tottenham Hotspur, Tammi George has re-joined the club where she started her career six years ago.

The now 19-year-old midfielder progressed well as part of the Spurs Under-23 squad, but the huge travel commitments each week eventually proved too demanding and she finally took the decision to move back to home territory.

“Travelling up and down the motorways was so draining,” explains George, whose football itinerary had to be undertaken alongside her work in the midlands as a receptionist at one of the big national hotel chains. 

“In footballing terms it was a great experience. At my first Under-23 training session the first team manager (Karen Hills), asked me to train with the first team as well, and that whole environment really helped my game develop.

“But it also meant travelling four days a week for training at Enfield as well as on Sundays for matches. For evening training sessions I had to leave work at 3pm and wouldn’t get home until 1am – and it was usually dreadful on the motorway!

“It was too much, unfortunately, but football-wise it was an opportunity I thought I’d never get and so I don’t regret it. I feel that it’s improved me as a player, and I’ll be aiming to show that back at Wolves.”

Manager Dan McNamara is happy to welcomes back a player who he has rated highly since he joined the club in January 2018.

“After giving Tammi the chance to establish herself in the first team,” says McNamara, “she was phenomenal for 18 months before she went to Tottenham.

“That move didn’t work out for her, not for football reasons but for travelling problems, and I’m absolutely delighted to welcome her back.”