Vinagre: Molineux is best Premier League atmosphere

Ruben Vinagre believes there is no better atmosphere in the Premier League than at Molineux as Wolves return home for their clash with Aston Villa on Sunday afternoon.

The wing-back, who is enjoying his time within the wing-back core at the club, is looking forward to the support the side will receive at their home stadium after back-to-back league games out on the road.

On the Molineux atmosphere

“I think the atmosphere here at Molineux is the best in the Premier League, I think it’s fantastic. We’ve got fantastic fans and there’s always a great atmosphere here. If we don’t start a game off well, the fans can help to get behind us and turn the games around

“The fans bring a lot of energy with their shouting and singing, this brings a lot of energy to us players on the pitch. This means we can improve and we want to give more as a result.

“When I came here, I was pretty surprised about the atmosphere. I knew England was a really passionate football country but when I arrived it felt different – the fans are great here, they’re different to France and in Portugal.

“Here, the fans get behind the team regardless of whether you’re winning or losing and that’s not the place in other countries.”

On favourite moments at Molineux

“In terms of memories, I think it’s hard to say because in every game the atmosphere’s great. I particularly remember a game against Leicester last season where we were behind and then we were level and then we won.

“In every game the atmosphere’s great, there’s the Leicester game, there’s also Liverpool game in the FA Cup which I have great memories of, but the fans are always great.”

On being one of Wolves’ wing-backs

“We’re a great team and I think with Doherty and Jonny, they’re great players. It’s different if I’m playing and Adama’s playing.

“When we’re with Adama we’re quicker when we attack, but Doherty and Jonny they offer different things, different style of play, but it’s great all the same.”

On utilising stepovers

“When I was young, I used to play a lot of street football with friends and I’ve brought stepovers into my game which I think it comes from this.

“Of course, I learnt from Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve become inspired in him and I’m still inspired by him, as with other players. I like technical players and I try and bring this into my game.”

On learning from Moutinho

“We’re good friends and I think he’s a great player, a fantastic player. Our friendship is as you’d expect, we spend a lot of time together off the pitch and we have a great laugh together and we do a lot together.”

On being motivated for Villa clash

“We’re really motivated, it’s a really big game and we want to go in there, dominate the game, and go for the win as we always do.

“Derbies are always different, the atmosphere’s always different, the fans are more motivated, and it’ll be really noisy. It’s a really big rivalry both on and off the pitch and I think it’s going to be a great game.”