Doherty made a 'big effort for the team', says Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo praised Matt Doherty for his commitment to the Wolves cause after he returned from injury to slot back into the team seamlessly.

The right-wing back missed a month of pre-season but jumped back in from the start against FC Pyunik a week ago and contributed a goal in Armenia. The Irishman then retained his shirt for the return of the Premier League at Leicester City three days later, once again letting nobody down, and his head coach has been delighted with Doherty's response.

On Doherty’s fitness

“He had a problem in pre-season, he was different from the squad, but he didn’t stop totally, so we were able to work him in the physical aspects and he had a fantastic answer in both games.

“He made a big effort for the team, it was fantastic from him to us, it was a big help.”

On using his squad

“We still have to make a decision to prepare the starting eleven (against Pyunik) but having all the squad available gives us good options. We still have to decide and play the game.”

On Vallejo’s character

“We try to get maximum information (on potential signings) and at the same time try to be discreet, which is not easy.

“Regarding his characteristics as a footballer, we know him, we had a lot of observation, then we try to get information on his character, and we’re delighted that he’s joined us, he’s a fantastic boy.”

On his Pyunik approach

“It doesn’t matter what result we had in the first game. The interpretation is it’s a new game, it’s a new challenge and it’s an opportunity to perform well.

“It’s how well you prepare yourself to play the game, that’s the main objective every day, to prepare to compete and it’s key. Its due to the fantastic mentality of the squad.”

On FC Pyunik

“It’s a tough team. They started very strong in the first game, we handled it OK, then the moment where we scored, we started controlling the game and managed the game from there until the end.

“Tomorrow is a new one, it’s a good team with good players, and for sure they will come still with all the ambitions. We have to be focused, stay in shape, organised and play our football. Try to give a good performance to Molineux.”