Nuno: Premier League is the best competition

As the Premier League title race goes down to the wire this weekend, Nuno Espirito Santo has expressed his joy at being part of the best competition in world football.

Manchester City and Sunday’s opponents Liverpool are battling it out for top spot in the league, with just one point separating the two sides, while the Reds, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal have made up the final of both this season’s Champions League and Europa League.

With Wolves claiming wins against all four of the European finalists this season, Nuno says this shows his side has the ability to compete with any team.

On the title race going into the final game

“I don’t know if I’ve seen this before [top two teams with as many points]. What I’ve seen is fantastic and it’s amazing for the competition that two teams, so good, have gone to the end in competing for the title.

“It’s fantastic for the competition, for football, and you see by the four teams who are involved in the finals of the European competitions that here is the best competition.

“It’s a trend – some years ago it was Spain who were totally dominating in European competitions, but it shows how good the Premier League is.

“It’s hard for us, but what both teams are doing is amazing and everybody has to congratulate them.”

On watching games on TV to prepare

“There are still two games. We have to wait for the final of the FA Cup. I will probably watch it; I have been watching all the games. The games have been fantastic, this season has been amazing, and I have enjoyed the games.

“When you watch a game on TV, you don’t watch it as a manager – you watch it as a fan of the game.

“When you watch games for work, you work with other tools, you don’t see the game on TV, you see it on an open angle.

“I watch all the games, I enjoy watching football. Liverpool, Tottenham-Ajax was fantastic, Europa League on Thursday was fantastic games. This season was amazing.”

On beating the four European finalists

“It’s because we’ve played well. We’ve competed well, and it shows a lot about the improvement of the team.

“But it meant the same as a win against Cardiff, in such a tough moment of our competition – it means exactly the same.

“What we’re proud of is our ability to compete against anyone using our own ideas. This is the most important thing.”

On Fosun’s ambitions for Wolves

“I say it all the time; I go day by day, game by game. I’m only focused on tomorrow and then after tomorrow. A day by day process.”

On player of the season awards

“All of the prizes that will be awarded at the end of the season, they are only one part of the team. If I was to judge, the team would get the prize.”

On Matt Doherty’s progression

“Matt’s done very well this season. He’s one of the players that have been here a long time and I think his development, not only this year, has been excellent.

“But he is aware that the tough challenges are in front of him. He always wants to improve himself and that is good for Matt.”