Moutinho wants to take Wolves to the 'next level'

Joao Moutinho has professed Wolves’ ambition and the ‘unbelievable’ performances of the team last season are what attracted him to the club.

The experienced Portuguese international has quickly established himself as a fan favourite with the Molineux crowd following several top-drawer performances, including a stunning goal at Old Trafford, since moving from Monaco in the summer.

The midfielder said he is not surprised by the start Wolves have made to their Premier League campaign – sitting seventh in the table going into Saturday’s clash with Watford – as he believes the team are continuing what they did last season.

“Wolves are an ambitious project and I want this kind of ambition, this kind of project. The club, the team, the staff wants to go on to the next level and I came to help this situation.

“It is unbelievable what they did and how good they played last year, and I think with the new players it can help the team to achieve more things.

“Most important with our team is that every player gives 100 per cent and after that it is good for us and it is good for our results. We are seventh and we are only three points off Europe, but we know the other teams can catch us.

“We need to continue to do the good work because the most important thing is to think we can stay good, but we need to work more and more to improve, because we know the next game is very difficult.”

Wolves invite Watford to Molineux on Saturday and although the visitors are winless in their last four Premier League games, Moutinho is anticipating another tough match.

“Watford is a very good team,” he said. “They have begun well in the Premier League, but they have drawn and lost one or two matches, but I think it is normal here in England.

“Sometimes the teams in first lose against the last ones and that is the magic of the football. That is why I think the Premier League is the best league in the world.

“All the teams want to stay in the higher level, but it is difficult here because you have a lot of teams with very good players. What we have to do is do everything we can and try to win every game.”

Moutinho said one of the key factors in making the move to Wolves was getting the chance to work under his former Portugal national team colleague Nuno Espirito Santo.

The 32-year-old added: “I knew him, and he is a very good coach. What he did at other clubs he did it very well.

“The coach has a lot of his own characteristics and he puts a lot of himself for the players; what he wants, what he needs to do, and I think on the pitch we do almost 100 per cent what he wants. That is why we have started the season very well.

“His methods are very good. He wants to play, have the ball, but we defend like a team. We can show our individuality, but as a team and that is the most important thing for us. Play like a team, do everything for each other, on and off the pitch, and after that the results will come.”