Foundation's education programme back underway

With schools back open again for their own 2021/22 ‘campaign’, Wolves Foundation’s education programme has also kicked back into gear with a range of different opportunities on offer for children of all ages.

Staff deliver projects to over 30 partner schools across both primary and secondary, as well as organising activities where groups can visit Molineux for enrichment experiences to include a tour of the stadium and museum. 

When lockdown restrictions were in place the Foundation adapted to deliver a number of activities online to pupils still in school but normal service had been resumed last term as regulations were eased. 

But there is certainly an excitement and a buzz around the start of the new term particularly as all of the Foundation staff have also now returned to the office after intermittent periods of home working. 

“There is a lot of preparation been going on and it is always busy going into a new term but everyone is really looking forward to it,” says Greg Warren, Senior Officer (Schools) who oversees the provision for primary schools. 

“With everyone back in the office we have been finalising all the plans and the atmosphere is really lively and positive as we have been running through everything.” 

As well as leading PE lessons and other activities in schools, Foundation staff can also deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for teachers, organise competitions and penalty shootouts as well as hosting taster sessions for interested schools via a Molineux Roadshow. 

The Molineux Education sessions which offer workshop-based development including visiting the museum have also been revamped and are open to both primary and secondary schools. 

Liam Turner is the Foundation’s Education Officer for the PL Inspires project which works with secondary school age pupils. 

“It will be good to get back out into delivery again and hopefully feeling more towards normality for students,” says Liam. 

“Being in schools gives us that opportunity to engage with the pupils again and the chance to deliver some activities to benefit both physical and mental health.” 

Mentoring is already a service which several schools have been requesting and Liam is one of those qualified to help fulfil what is expected to be an increased demand with pupils having spent so much time out of school and so much of normal life having come to a standstill during the pandemic. 

The PL Inspires programme also encourages groups of pupils to take on social action challenges, coming up with their own ideas and then carrying them through to support those in need within their local communities. 

In another example of how so many of the Foundation’s projects can be interlinked, students on the degree course run in conjunction with the University of South Wales will often support staff on the education programmes. 

One of the stars of the Foundation’s diaries over the last year, Kurran Kullar, has been drafted in as part of those working on PL Inspires. 

“It is always good to get the degree students involved with our activities as part of their placements and it gives them great experience and that added responsibility which really helps with their development,” added Liam. 

If you would like more details on the Foundation’s Education programme or how you could get involved with events or become a partner school, email (primary) or (secondary).