Foundation Diaries | Kurran's story

For Day Four of our diaries we return to chat to Kurran Kullar, a student on the Foundation’s degree course which is run in conjunction with the University of South Wales.

Kurran revealed in his previous diary (click here) that he had decided to put his studies on hold and restart his second year in September, but his work with the Foundation has continued uninterrupted.

Click here to view his previous entry to that, which was his first diary.


Since my last diary obviously we have come out of lockdown and have continued moving hopefully back towards normality which has been nice to see.

As people know if they read my previous diaries, I am a West Bromwich Albion fan (which makes it very lively considering I am connected to Wolves Foundation) so it has been good to get back to watching matches.

I know you can’t wait to say it and yes, we did get relegated last season but we still managed to take four points off Wolves.

I’d take that every season if I could!

Anyway, moving back swiftly to the degree course, and the other students have finished their second years which I decided to start again in September due to previously having to miss a number of the lectures when I had an eye operation.

For me I have been thinking about getting back to start the year in September, which I am already looking forward to.

We have got the dates in place to head to Wales and meet the course leaders and mentors which is great as Covid has meant we haven’t been able to do it since towards the start of the course.

And the relaxation of restrictions has also helped with the Foundation where we have been able to increase the number of participants at the sessions that we organise.

More recently I have been involved with the Premier League Inspires project, which focuses on young people from age 11 upwards in trying to help them achieve their potential.

I have also been helping at the PL Kicks sessions, also for young people, and I think it has been a good fit for me as I have previously carried out youth work and it is an area which really interests me.

I have also found out that my placement during my second year will be helping out Liam Turner from the Foundation on the PL Inspires programme in local schools, which was really good news.

Speaking of young people, I was one of the team leaders on the recent NCS (National Citizen Service) project run by the Foundation, which is a social action initiative offering 16 and 17-year-olds the chance to make a difference to their local community.

We carried out a range of activities at the Rock UK centre based in Northamptonshire before coming back to Molineux to come up with ideas for a social action project.

It was class to meet the young people and see that they are so keen to try and help the community, and many had been involved in helping out and trying to raise money for local Foodbanks.

I was also still working on the Head 4 Health project when they did that song and video which I know Rachel (Smith) mentioned in her diary yesterday.

I’m not sure that is something I want to be reminded of to be honest!

Unlike working with young people, the idea of singing isn’t particularly something I enjoy or one of my strengths, so when the idea first came up I was like: ‘Is there anything else we can do instead’?

But in all seriousness it was a great project which had a really positive effect on the guys on the programme who did so well to get involved and move out of their comfort zones.

I think I made it on to the final video, but if you do see me then I was definitely miming.  Me singing?  No one wants to hear that!

Finally, it’s taken a long time and I’ve been moving a bit between the family home and a new place I have in Wolverhampton, but I am hopeful I will be there permanently very soon.

Getting in and settled for the restarting of the course and my placement in September is my aim, and I am really looking forward to it.

Thanks again for reading!