After the Final Whistle | Raul Jimenez

Wolves’ Mexican striker Raul Jimenez shares what he gets up to once the game is finished in the latest edition of After the Final Whistle.

Back in the changing room

“I go to the dressing room, and I take out the equipment, shower and get ready to go with my family in the box at the stadium. I spend time with them, go home and stay there normally.”

Reacting to a win or loss

“It’s always different. If we win, we’re all happy and want to celebrate – do something different. If we’ve lost, we want to react as soon as possible, but it’s always impossible that day or the day after. We’ll think about it and get ready to go again.”

Speaking to the press

“I don’t really like to do it, I have never liked it, but unless it’s mandatory, I decide. It’s easier if we’ve won or I’ve scored, but I still don’t like it.”

Starting recovery

“I start straight after the game. It depends if we have a midweek game. Then we’ll start the recovery straight after the game with some stretching, taking anti inflammatories all kind of things, then rest.”

Post-match food

“I don’t mind, I can eat whatever. Sometimes there are things in the dressing room, so if I think I’ll like it, I take it. After the game it’s more relaxed.”

Getting over a defeat

I’m still thinking about it for a couple of days. After I finish the game I think about it for a couple of hours, then then we have another game in six days probably, and we have to overcome it and be ready.”

Watching the game back

“They send us the whole match and you can see your actions, but sometimes I just watch the full match.”

Social media reaction

“Sometimes I do go on it. I usually use social media and post things.”

Relaxing and recovering

“It depends on the time. If it’s an early kick-off I arrive how and I’m with the kids, so it’s difficult to relax. If it’s a game at 3, 5 or 8pm I arrive home and go straight to sleep. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I can usually sleep.”

Talking it through

“I speak with Daniella and my dad. He usually calls me after the game to see how I felt. I talk with both of them, they are the ones I talk to about the game because they watch them all.”