FA launch Football Leadership Diversity Code careers platform

The FA has launched a central careers platform to create greater transparency of roles available to individuals across English football, and to help organisations and clubs reach a larger and more diverse audience of candidates.

As a founding signatory of the Football Leadership Diversity Code, Wolves will be able to advertise vacancies on the platform, which can be found by clicking here.

The FA launched the Football Leadership Diversity Code for the professional game in October 2020, with signatories including the Premier League and over 40 clubs across the Premier League, English Football League, Barclays FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship.

Its aim is to increase equality of opportunity, moving away from recruitment practices focused on personal networks, and ensuring that candidates across the game are recruited from diverse talent pools.

With the visibility of roles across English football identified as a key issue during the development of the Football Leadership Diversity Code, all signatories agree to advertise appropriate roles centrally for at least two weeks to help reach a broader audience and attract more candidates from both within and outside of the game.

“At Wolves, we are driven by our values of being progressive, determined, unified, bright, but always being humble”, said recruitment and onboarding specialist at Wolves, Dan Mawson. “Our values run through the club and community and together we are One Pack.

”We were very supportive of the Football Leadership Diversity Code and were keen to be a founding signatory. We believe that the Code will have a positive impact on football by promoting opportunities and reaching a wider talent pool.

“Alongside our other founding signatories we want to send out a clear message that discrimination will not be tolerated, and we hope we can inspire others to follow the spirit of the Football Leadership Diversity Code to create a more diverse and inclusive world.

“At Wolves we are One Pack and if you have the right attitude, ambition and shared values, we want you to be part of that pack. Our opportunities are open to all!”

Edleen John, The FA’s director of international relations, corporate affairs and co-partner for equality, diversity and inclusion, said: "A key aim of the Football Leadership Diversity Code is to ensure recruitment processes across English football become fairer and more transparent. The launch of the careers platform will support signatory organisations and clubs in reaching a broader and more diverse pool of talent.

“We hope that this centralised mechanism will create greater visibility and awareness of the roles available across football, which will enable individuals from other industries to consider coming into the game, whilst increasing equality of opportunity for those already in the industry and looking for their next role.

"We are delighted that more clubs continue to sign up to the Code, evidencing their commitment to this important agenda. We truly believe it will lead to positive, long-term change across the game, ultimately changing the landscape of English football for the better."