Ticket and merchandise cash now merged

Ticket and merchandise cash have merged to form Wolves Cash, which can now be redeemed on tickets* or retail items**.

Wolves Cash is a benefit for current season ticket holders and members, with 10% of transaction value (not inclusive of any Wolves Cash redemption or gift card payment) being awarded on qualifying ticketing and retail items.

Supporters will find their Wolves Cash now includes cash earned on ticketing and merchandise purchases made online and instore since the start of the season. Early bird bonuses have now also been awarded to season card holders who were eligible for the bonus.

Upon payment supporters now have the option to pay for tickets or retail items using their Wolves Cash balance online when using a Wolves Account linked to their supporter number  - click here for a guide to linking accounts.

Wolves Cash can also be redeemed in person/over the phone - season / member card must be produced in person, or supporter number quoted over the phone.

Following purchase, Wolves Cash will be awarded on retail items following the expiration of the refund period – 28 days. Cash earned on ticketing purchases will be awarded one day after the game or event.

Later this month supporters will be able to view current and pending balances as well as any special offers unique to them on their own Wolves Cash portal available via https://login.wolves.co.uk

*Only redeemed or awarded on home Premier League tickets, away travel and museum tours, no other products applicable | **Redeemed and awarded on all retail items other than gift cards