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Goalden Gate Lottery

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With the Goalden Gate Superdraw someone wins £1,000 every single week!

From just £1 a week it’s a great way to win some cash prizes whilst also supporting the Wolves FA Youth Academy with over £5 million raised so far through the lottery.

A further £100,000 has been donated to New Cross Hospital Maternity Unit.

For each £1 membership you will receive a Wolves Goalden gate Superdraw membership card giving you ten lucky numbers. Each week you enter you will have a chance of winning £1000, £150, £100, £75, £50, £25 or multiple £10 and £5 prizes! There are 60 prizes given away each week and you have ten chances to win them!

Playing is simple! You just have to fill in your details below and we will send out your membership card. You will then be entered into the following Mondays draw giving you the chance to win to be our next big winner!!

Your date of birth can also be lucky for you! As an added bonus prize we enter your birth date into a draw for a cash prize of £100. This is an accumulator jackpot and each week it is not won the prize fund rises by £100.

Players must be 16 years of age or older to compete. The Goalden Gate Superdraw is promoted by Midlands Sporting Association Ltd. The promoters are Peter Price and Tim Davies.

Please be aware that we are currently running a Tele-Sales Marketing campaign to increase the membership of our Goalden Gate Superdraw and will be contacting season ticket holders throughout October and November. The telephone number that we will be using is 01902 592-137 and we will be calling from around 10am – 8pm Monday to Friday. Our team consists of Callum, Abraham and Khalil and they will be happy to help with any issues you have.

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Find out the process for making a complaint about the Goalden Gate Lottery.

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