Sellars Pleased With Cup Progress

Scott Sellars was pleased his players took their opportunity on Friday afternoon, progressing in the Premier League Cup in the process.

Sellars made 10 changes to his Under-23s side in a bid to share out the game time and was rewarded with a 3-1 victory over Bury.

Having watched his side come from behind to secure the victory, Sellars was pleased with what he saw at Compton Park.

“We had the game on Monday and, as I’ve said many times, we’ve got a big squad so I gave the boys an opportunity to play,” he said.

“I think we’ve been pretty fair to them. We’ve had lots of games, we’ve got another one on Monday, so overall really pleased.”

The Under-23s came from behind against the Shakers and Sellars was pleased with the reaction he saw from his players.

“I thought overall it was a tight game, then towards the end we ran away with it a little bit. The last 25 minutes I thought we really controlled the game.

“First-half they didn’t really cause us any problems. We said they’d made a lot of forward runs and had been offside a lot, so expected them to recognise that and do something about it.

“We didn’t react very well, obviously coming on as a substitute can be difficult for ‘Bresa’ but he got caught and it’s a goal.

“From there I thought we were patient, Benny came on and made a big difference, he held up the ball and linked it together.”

Niall Ennis returned from injury and got vital minutes on the pitch, which again satisfied Sellars.

“Niall Ennis has a long way to go. He’s had a lot of injuries over the last three years so we’re going to be really gentle and give him the minutes he needs.

“We’re going to be patient and make sure we look after him but he has to recognise there are other good players in his position as well,” he added.