Under 23s Ready To Go

The Wolves Under 23s are ready for the Premier League 2 season, according to manager Scott Sellars.

Wolves concluded pre-season with a 2-1 defeat against Barnsley on Tuesday at Compton Park, a game in which Sellars fielded five Under 18s players and a number of first year professionals. 


The Under 23’s manager says that despite the defeat to Barnsley, pre-season has been successful in terms of results and performances.


He said, “The game against Barnsley was a lot of the first year professionals, lads who have come in and quite a few of the scholars playing as well. 


“There’s two ways you could go really, you could start with your starting XI towards the end of pre-season and then the other lads don't get as many minutes, and then that demotivates them - we’ve got to give them an opportunity to show. 


“It’s an opportunity for the younger ones - Austin (Samuels) came on and showed his quality and how well he’s developing, and gets himself a goal. 


“From that point of view looking at some of the lads who aren't in the starting XI for the season, it was good - Donovan (Wilson) needed some minutes having been injured, so it was good for that and some of the young players got an opportunity to play as well. 


“The performance, I thought was ok - it was a better second half, not good enough first half but we had a lot of young players working together for the first time.


“Overall over pre-season, results-wise and performance-wise, yeah we’ve been really pleased - the lads are in good shape, we’ve had no serious injuries, everyone has had lots of minutes to show and hopefully now we’re ready for next Monday. 


“I want everybody to be able to come to me at the end of pre-season and say that they had a chance - the answer would then be what they didn't do or someone has performed better. 


“That's what they're here for - rather than watch the others play and having to go 45-45 for the full pre-season, I’d rather have two games over two or three days and get everyone as many minutes as possible. 


“That’s probably those lad's first 90 minutes, so they’re well on the way now, everyone’s on their way and ready to go.”


Sellars has been impressed with the pre-season efforts of his players and he believes his squad is now full prepared for Monday’s season opened away to Blackburn Rovers (7pm).


Monday’s fixture will be played at Ewood Park, Blackburn’s home stadium - admitting it will be a tough test, Sellars says it will be a great experience for his players to play at a football league stadium and he is confident that his side can beat anyone on their day.


“As a group they've been excellent -they’ve all worked hard, there’s been a lot of commitment and a lot of effort. 


“In pre-season, there have been some fantastic performances and some good results - we’re in a good place and ready to go.


“Blackburn is always a tough game, it’s always competitive, it's always physical, it’s always tight - they never give you anything so any result you get against them you will have had to really earn it. 


“We’ve always had tight games against them that to-and-fro either way. If the lads play to their full potential, I do fancy us against anybody. 


“A lot of of the game are at league stadiums which is great for the lads. 


“From our point-of-view, we’re really pleased that the lads are going to have the opportunity to play at Ewood Park and some of the stadiums as well.”