They've Come Back In Good Shape

Scott Sellars discusses the Under 23s' pre-season as the squad continues its preparations for the 2017/18 campaign.

The Under 23s returned to Compton Park along with the first team on Monday, 26th June and have been put through the same testing procedures as a measure of where they are.

Discussing the players' return to training, Scott Sellars said: “It’s no different to the first team really. We want to assess where they’re at compared to last season.

“We’ve had all their testing results and they’ve all come back in really good shape, looking hungry and wanting to impress in pre-season.

“We’ve done some basic testing. Football-wise we’ve done some light stuff and we’re just building them up really.

“Our first game’s on July 8th so we’ve had a couple of weeks to prepare for the match at AFC Wulfrunians.”

When asked what he looks for from his players when they return from their summer break, the Under 23 Coach replied: “It’s always the same for me, to get them fit is the first part and then keeping them fit is really important.

“When they come back, I want to see them a bit stronger and having grown up a little bit more. They’re still developing as young people into men.

“Some of the players need to develop physically, some need to develop their technical skills and some need to develop their tactical skills.

“When they come in the door we want them to look as though they’re ready to go but also looking like they want to improve as well.

“We also have to develop a team – it’s important that we develop a team ethic, a team belief and an understanding of how we play.

“This group’s been together for quite a while now, they understand how we play, it’ll just be looking to refine it and improve on the areas we feel we can get better at.

“Some players have moved on and there will be some young players coming into the group so we have to integrate them into the group.

“Then we have to look at the Under 18s as well and if there are one or two of them who are doing really well then we need to push them up.

“At the moment I’ve got a lot of players, I’m training with 22 or 23 players, some of them will be looking to get fit to get out on loan and some will be looking to impress."