Me and Them Aaron Collins

Striker answers all the big questions!

This season’s programme feature looking at the club’s younger players fires random questions at the lads – five about themselves, and five about their team-mates.

Here are the answers of Under-21s striker Aaron Collins, who joined the club from Newport in January.



Who is the strongest?

I’d say Donovan Wilson or Aaron Hayden. Bright Enobakhare has a strong core and protects the ball well but Donovan and Aaron are strongest as in they lift the most in the gym.


Who is the slowest?

Probably Ryan Leak. It’s difficult because we haven’t got that many slow players in the squad, there are a couple of midfielders who aren’t as fast as some of the wingers but we’ve generally got a quick squad. I’ll say Leaky though because I play against him a lot and can out-pace him.


Who has the best taste in clothes?

A lot of the 21s group come into training in their scruffs. I haven’t been here that long either so I haven’t really seen many people in their normal clothes. Maybe Dan Armstrong or Ash Carter.


Who is most likely to embarrass themselves?

These questions are hard. I would say Will Randall or Ryan Rainey. Rainey just because he’s an idiot and Will because a lot of the boys give him grief.


Who has the best rhythm?

Bright Enobakhare. He’s always dancing in the gym, he looks like he’s got a bit of rhythm and he’s really skilful on the pitch as well so I’ll say him. I’ve got no rhythm at all – I’m so stiff.



If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

I worked in McDonalds before I got my pro contract so I’d probably be there. I would be going to uni as well because I was planning to go before I got my pro. Ideally, I would still be involved in football some way - maybe as a coach.


Who is your best friend in football?

When I was at Newport my best mate was Regan Poole. He went to Man United and I still speak to him now. He’s the one who I was closest with and I reckon I’d still be close with now. At Wolves it would have to be Will Randall. We started off at similar times and we’ve got a place together so he’s the one I’ve got closest to.


What is the best footballing moment you have seen, not necessarily lived?

The 2005 Champions League Final, Liverpool v AC Milan. I’m a Liverpool supporter and I’ll always remember sitting with my dad, my mum, my brother and next door neighbour. Being 3-0 down at half time, coming back to level at 3-3 and then winning on penalties. That was the best footballing moment I’ve seen. I’ve watched it back so many times and every time I see it I just get goosebumps.


What do you hope to achieve in your career?

First of all I’d like to get into the first team here and play regularly, hopefully I can do that within the next year. Then after that I want to try and get another contract here. I want to be a professional footballer until I’m about 35/36 - just for as long as I can. I’d like to play in the Premier League one day too. Playing regularly in a Championship first team is a fantastic achievement but you always want to push further.


What has been your biggest setback?

At the end of my Under 16s season at Newport I didn’t get a scholarship so I became a college boy and played park football for their team. I wouldn’t say it was a huge setback because I’ve come out of the other side better for it but, to me, that’s always stood out. For the next year I didn’t know what to do with myself. That’s when I started looking at Unis and visiting open days. But I kept pushing and I ended up getting a pro after one-year out of the game.