Me and Them Jon Flatt

Keeper answers the big questions

This season’s programme feature looking at the club’s younger players fires random questions at the lads – five about themselves, and five about their team-mates.

Here are the answers of Under-21s and senior goalkeeper Jon Flatt, currently on loan with Cheltenham Town.



What is the funniest thing you have ever seen in football?

I think I would go back to when we were in the Academy, maybe second years, and it was a game away to Sunderland.  The ball has come into the box and I have shouted ‘away’ for someone to clear it.  Dom Iorfa has tried to smash the ball as hard as he can away from the goal. But instead he has stuck it straight in the top bins.  He couldn’t have placed it any better.  It wasn’t funny at the time, but when you look back now you have to laugh.


What has been your biggest setback?

I have been quite lucky really that I haven’t had any major setbacks so far. I would maybe say that as a keeper the biggest thing to deal with is the frustration of not playing.  When you are involved somewhere and play a few games maybe on loan and then you are not involved for a long time it can be difficult.


What do you hope to achieve in your career?

Ideally, to play for Wolves in the Premier League!  But first and foremost I want to play in the Football League. Then hopefully make a league debut for Wolves. And then play in the Premier League. Those are the different steps long-term but I know there is a lot of work to be done.


Which player would you like to sign that you would like to play alongside?

Over the years I would probably say John Terry.  Certainly when he was at his peak. He was the perfect centre back and he was a leader, and you know that he would put his body on the line to stop the ball going in the net.


If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

To be fair I have never seen myself as anything else other than a footballer.  Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a footballer. If I had to think about it I would probably lean towards coaching or something else connected with sport.  I couldn’t ever see myself sat behind a desk all day!



Who is the most likely to embarrass themselves?

Right.  I am ready for this.  A lot of people have been giving me a lot of stick on these pages this season.  This is payback time.  Where do I start? Jim Kellermann. He is very likely to embarrass himself.  He thinks he is a top dog but he is nothing like it.  Harry Burgoyne. Number one candidate to embarrass himself under any circumstances. That carpool karaoke thing on the Wolves You Tube account sums him up.  Then Bradley Reid. Another one.  He will embarrass himself easily and some of the stories from him are beyond belief.  I could go on…


Who is the quietest?

Definitely not me!  Declan Weeks can be quiet in a morning but he soon gets going.  I am going to go for Tendai Matinyadze. He keeps himself to himself. And Regan Upton.  He is loud on the pitch but off the pitch, sometimes you can forget he is there!


Who is the best dancer?

Firstly let’s just clear it up that Jim or Dec or nowhere near the best dancers. I’d give it to Dom Iorfa or Aaron Simpson. They both have decent rhythm.


Who has the least common sense?

This is a no-brainer. Donovan Wilson. I haven’t met anyone who has as little common sense as Donovan. He has none.  It’s just in general day-to-day life. I don’t know he manages sometimes.


Who is the boss of the changing room?

You’re looking at him! 100 per cent.  I’m the oldest one in there and whatever happens in the changing room goes through me.  I’ll take this one.  A few others have tried. Jim Kellermann again.  Dom Iorfa still comes back down to us sometimes and puts a word in. But he has flown the nest now so I am claiming this one.