Me and Them Will Randall

Winger answers the big questions

This season’s programme feature looking at the Academy players fires random questions at the lads – five about themselves, and five about their team-mates.

Here are the answers of Under-21s winger Will Randall, who arrived at Wolves from Swindon in January.



Which player would you like to sign that you would like to play alongside?

I’d probably go for Luis Suarez at the minute.  With how he is playing.  I don’t think you’d need to do too much.  Just give him the ball and let him do the rest!


Who is your footballing hero?

David Beckham.  From being a youngster I was always a Manchester United fan and growing up I loved how he played the game and the iconic goals which he scored.


Who has had the biggest influence on you so far?

I’d probably say my Mum.  She has been so supportive of me all the way through and I can’t thank her enough.  She used to drive me everywhere for my football, whatever the weather!


What has been your biggest setback?

When I was about ten I broke my knee in a game. It was an accident but it was quite bad.  It put me out for a year but I suppose you have to think that everything happens for a reason.


What do you hope to achieve in your career?

I think every young player wants to play in the Premier League and that is what I want to achieve in my career as well.  I haven’t really set any timescale on it.  That is my aim and I believe I can do it if I can carry on progressing.



Who is the strongest?

I’d go for either Aaron Hayden or Donovan Wilson. They are both quite strong in the gym.  I’d probably just go for Donovan.


Who has the worst rhythm?

This is Aaron Collins. Definitely.  I have seen him in the hotel sometimes trying to do some shapes. And I have absolutely no idea what he is trying to do.


Who is the most talkative?

I’d go for Ryan Rainey on this one.  He never really shuts up.  There is a lot of waffle there but he could chat for days.


Who eats the most?

This is Hakeem Odoffin.  He eats about four pieces of toast for breakfast. With beans and all that on. And he goes mad at lunch as well.  He eats a lot!


Who is the most laid back?

I’d probably go for Ryan Rainey again.  He is just a chilled out guy really.