Me and Them Regan Upton

Defender answers the big questions

This season’s programme feature looking at the Academy players fires random questions at the lads – five about themselves, and five about their team-mates.

Here are the answers of Under-21s defender Regan Upton.



Who is your footballing hero?

As of last year I’ve only just become a centre-back so my footballing hero might seem strange. It was always Paul Scholes growing up. Everything about him was impressive, he was a brilliant role model and I always used to model my game on him. He had a great passing range, a great box-to-box style and he loved a challenge as well so he was great to watch.


What is the funniest thing you’ve seen in football?

It’s got to be when I was a first year scholar and we went away to Holland for a pre-season tour. Anthony Breslin came on and something happened, there was a bit of a fall-out and Bres ended up pushing the referee over – that was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He didn’t get in trouble at all, it was one of those where the referee came squaring up to him and Bres tried to move away but ended up pushing him. The referee made a bit of a meal of it.


If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

This is a tough question. It’s something that’s always going on in your head because it’s something you need to consider but then you don’t because you don’t want to be doing anything else. I think it would probably be a musician. A lot of time goes into it. I find it so impressive when you see people playing the guitar or the piano. I don’t think people realise how much it actually takes. I’ve always wanted to do it but I’ve never got around to it.


Who is your best friend in football?

There are a few but I’d either say Ryan Rainey or Ben O’Hanlon. Rainey is a bit of a cracker; he’s the one I have the most banter with. But when I first came Ben kind of took me under his wing. He was a first year scholar and I was Under 16s. He was the one who was willing to take me around and show me about.


Which player would you sign that you would like to play alongside?

As a centre-back, I’d probably say somebody like John Terry in his day. For the simple reason he’s a real captain, you get plenty of talking from him because he’s so experienced so you’d feel good playing next to him. He’d just know what to do and when to do it.



Who is the best dancer?

I’d say Aaron Simpson. He’s a good dancer. I’ve seen a few moves in the gym when we have cool-down and the tunes come on. He’s definitely got a few moves so he stands out.


Who is the most talkative?

Ryan Rainey – he never shuts up. He talks about absolutely everything, just loves to talk. That’s started to translate onto the pitch now as well. He didn’t always used to be like that but now he’s gone to centre-midfield and he talks quite a lot, organising people around him. Off the pitch he’s just daft, talks rubbish most of the time. He is funny but he definitely rambles on.


Who is the most likely to embarrass themselves?

Ryan Rainey again. Just for the simple reason that he doesn’t care. He puts himself out there to do it. I don’t think it would bother him if he did get embarrassed. If it was me I’d probably go bright red but I just don’t think Rainey’s bothered. He doesn’t care what other people think.


Who is the grumpiest?

I’d probably say Declan Weeks in the morning. He’s all right when it comes to afternoons but in the mornings he’s so grumpy. He’s just not a morning person. There’s no point in trying to talk to him in the mornings at all, you just know you’re not going to get anything out of him. You might get a little eyebrow raise or something but never much.


Who has the worst taste in clothes?

Bradley Reid. I saw him coming in the other day in something shocking. We were all sitting in reception waiting for a game and he was coming in for treatment and he walked in wearing a long, all black cape with a hood. He looked like one of the cult members from Hot Fuzz. I’ve seen him in some bad stuff – it has to be Reidy.