Me and Them Connor Hunte

Midfielder answers all the big questions

This season’s programme feature looking at the Academy  and young professionals fires random questions at the lads – five about themselves, and five about their team-mates.

Here are the answers of Under-21 midfielder Connor Hunte.


About me:

What is the best advice you have ever received?

In a footballing sense it has come from Scott Sellars.  He has told me to make sure I run at defenders quicker and stop slowing down.  He says I should use my pace more and be more effective and I think that has worked.


What is the best footballing moment you have seen?

Something has always stuck in my head from when Chelsea were playing Barcelona.  I can’t remember which year it was but it was in the Champions

League.  Ronaldinho did that thing where he just toe-bunted it into the goal from a standing position. I thought that was just amazing.


Who is your footballing hero?

I would say my footballing hero is Lionel Messi. I think he is the best to have ever played the game.   I like Ronaldo too but I think some of the things Messi has done have just never been done before. That is why I would go for Messi.


What do you think of life at Wolves?

Life at Wolves is good. I have been here for 18 months now and have settled in.  The banter with the boys is good and I enjoy coming in to the training ground every day.  The next step for me now is to try and break into the first team and get my opportunity.


If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

To tell you the truth there is one other thing which interests me but it isn’t something that would be easy to get into. I have always been interested in property development, that has always appealed to me.  If I wasn’t a footballer that is what I would be aiming to do.  Maybe it is still something I will be able to do one day.



Who has the worst hair?

It’s got to be Jim Kellermann. I’m not having that barnet.


Who is most likely to embarrass themselves?

Ooh a few to choose from.  I’d go for Ryan Rainey.  He does a lot of foolish stuff!


Who has the best rhythm?

There are a few with some decent rhythm but I’d probably go for Aaron Simpson.  I know a lot of the other boys have said the same but he can dance to be fair to him.  I think I’d be up there as well. I’ve got a little bit.


Who is the boss of the changing room?

It’s got to be me hasn’t it?!  There are a few others that have been coming for me!   Donovan Wilson as an example.  He is up and coming so I am just training him up at the moment, keeping him at arm’s length.


Who is the most forgetful?

Do you know what? I am going to have to go for one of the new boys here.  We have just signed Aaron Collins and he seems a little bit dopey and forgetful to be honest.  I have seen a bit of that in him so he needs to up his game!