#ProtectThePack | Jimenez surprises Wolverhampton schoolchildren

Children studying the new #ProtectThePack campaign to help save the endangered Mexican wolf were surprised by a visit from Wolves’ very own Mexican wolf when Raul Jimenez dropped by their lesson.

Thirty children aged nine and ten from St Bartholomew’s Primary School in Wolverhampton have been taking part in lessons to learn about the impact of the Mexican wolf on the ecosystem.

During their lessons, the children watched a video from Maria José Villanueva of WWF Mexico, who explained the wolf has a bad reputation in children’s literature, where they are always perceived to be the ‘bad guy’, in stories such as the Three Little Pigs and Peter and the Wolf.

However, the Mexican wolf, which is an endangered species, is important to the ecosystem as its presence allows other animals to exist in the circle of life.

While studying the work of WWF in protecting the wolf, the schoolchildren were delighted when their lesson received a visit from Jimenez, who is supporting the #ProtegeALaManada campaign – or #ProtectThePack in English – a collaboration between WWF Mexico and Wolves which launched in Mexico yesterday.

Funds raised through the campaign will be distributed to protecting the Mexican wolf, a species with just 30 to 50 units in the wild and on the brink of extinction.

Jimenez, who has been given the nickname ‘Lobo Mexicano’, or ‘Mexican wolf’, in his homeland, is calling for supporters across the globe to back the campaign. “I love wolves, they are amazing,” the striker said. “Be part of my team, take care of the Mexican wolves, because they are the guardians of the forests.”

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