Chirewa | 'It's where I want to be'

Tawanda Chirewa described his full Wolves debut as a “decent start” and is now ready to kick on and continue improving.

The midfielder had come on for Gary O’Neil’s side on seven occasions, but Saturday was his first opportunity from the start and he produced a lively performance which hinted at an exciting future for the youngster. The Old Gold put up a good fight, before conceding in injury time of both halves, and while the result affected his full debut, it was an occasion Chirewa will forever cherish.

On making his full debut

“It’s a proud moment for my family and one I’ll always remember in my career. Obviously, the result kind of puts a bit of sadness to it, but we move on.

“I found out on Friday, so I had 24 hours to get myself in the right mindset, but even when I’m on the bench, I try to bring the right mindset to play. It was a little surprise, but I was more focused on trying to do what I can do and support the team try and get a result.”

On the challenge it posed

“I loved it, I loved every moment of being out there. Playing against the best players in the world is where I want to be, and I’m trying to reach those levels. It’s a good start for me to play against them and see a lot of things to improve on. I’m nowhere near that level, but I’m working on it every day, I’m trying to get as good as them, so it was good to see them in the flesh against me.

“I was trying to stay compact with the team defensively and trying to stay in the pocket, make runs and get on the ball and create stuff attacking wise. I’d say I’ve still got a lot to show, to work on, but it was a good start I’d say.”

On continuing to improve

“It’s a lot of different stuff. It’s obviously a big jump from 21s to first-team, but I felt I was ready in my mind. It was about me going on the pitch and showing everyone that I was ready. There’s a lot of things I can work on, when I watch it back tonight, and see what I can really improve on, but I think it was a decent start.

“It’s little margins and I look back and see if I could have been quicker or done more stuff. I’m 100 per cent going to improve, I’ll keep working and keep watching the game back over.”

On the support from the group

“Mario’s someone who I look up to for advice and he’s someone I’d ask at half-time or before the game, what I could work on. He was helping me – he gives me massive advice. Pablo, Max all gave me advice, but Pablo and Mario especially helped me today.”

On ready for this week

“I’m ready for whatever the gaffer wants from me. If he wants me on the side cheering them on, I’ll do it, if it’s five or ten minutes or a start, I’m ready for whatever.”