Doherty | ‘Wolves have always taken scalps’

Matt Doherty believes Wolves’ end to the season will be an exciting one as his injured teammates are gradually reintroduced to the pitch, after Matheus Cunha marked his return against Nottingham Forest on Saturday with a brace.

The defender, who is nearing the end of his first season back at the club following three years away from Molineux, has been seeing more game time in recent weeks as he steps in to fill the void left by injuries, and as Arsenal arrive at Molineux this weekend, Doherty feels the supporters will see a difference in results as the team continues to strengthen.

On taking a point from Forest

“I don’t think either team played particularly well and even the goals were quite sloppy from everybody. I think it was a fair result as I don’t think anybody could say they deserved to win it.

“I think our character is never in question. If it was in question, you wouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch. Your character and your mentality, all that, should be a given. That’s a basic thing that you should have on the pitch and then if you have enough quality, you’ll win games.

“But we have a lot of injuries and a few of the lads are coming back now but you saw the difference that they made straight away. I think we’ve done pretty well considering the players we’ve had missing. I’m sure the last few games of the season will be pretty fun.”

On Cunha’s return to the starting 11

“We’re getting players back now, so hopefully the season finishes in a better way. It feels very good to have him back.

“If you see the first goal, I don’t know who else on the pitch could do something like that. It looked as though he was in a dead end about three times, but then he somehow wriggles his way out of it and put it in the top corner.

“I don’t know if he’s an out and out nine, though. I don’t know if he even wants to be an out and out nine, I think he’s more a player who likes to drop in and get on the ball. I see him more as a 10 or either side of a main striker. But his quality is obviously unbelievable and I’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of quality players and he’s definitely one of them.”

On facing Arsenal at Molineux

“They come to us and it’s going to be a big game because they have a lot to play for. I’m not sure what their record is coming to Molineux but I’m pretty sure they never have it that easy, so it’s going to be a tough game for them.

“I remember beating them in our first season back in the Premier League and then there was the game after I had left during the Covid year when Arsenal had a couple of players sent off, but Wolves have always taken scalps.

“We’ve taken Chelsea and Spurs twice this season, we’ve taken Man City, and for as long as I can remember we’ve always been capable of doing stuff like that. But I know that they’re in top form, they’re going for the title, so it won’t be easy, but they won’t fancy coming to us either.”

On ensuring players are not ‘on the beach’

“I think that’s kind of a myth. I don’t think that’s ever happened for anyone mentally. I don’t remember any club or any manager or staff who would ever allow that to happen. I know some results at the end of the season may make people think that, but it’s never the case.

“You are always playing for something, whether that’s a certain position getting you certain rewards. Every point matters, every position you finish in the league matters to us.”