Lemina | ‘When you play on the same page it's hard to beat’

Mario Lemina says when Wolves are all on the same page, they’ve shown they are a match for anyone in the Premier League.

The Old Gold was on the back of their latest success of the season, as Joao Gomes scored twice in a big win at Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. It was another show of team spirit and mentality, including bouncing back from an early setback in the first half, and Lemina and Gomes impressed in the heart of a Wolves side fighting for the badge once again.

On a big win at Spurs

“We work together and we all know what we can do against these types of teams. We showed it many times this season and it is an achievement for us and the coach who deserves praise. When we play against these types of teams, they want to control the game all the time and we have to stay together and believe in our strength.

“We have crazy attackers, and we know when we find them, they will make trouble for the defence. That is what we see with the goal. Neto was running alone and we use our strength defensively. We have big, big players defensively. If you see the game, we had many chances to win it earlier, but we are really happy.”

On the mentality in the group

“That is what the gaffer wants from us. He wants us to work really hard and try to stay in the shape, to control all the controllables that we will have. At the beginning of the season, we played with Pedro after he was off for a bit, but we were still winning games and he came back and is really useful for us. He is an amazing player. Now Cunha is out, we are hoping he will be back as soon as possible. Since that day we need to be strong and play as we play now.

“We're all working at the same pace at the same level. There's no one player above another one. We respect each other. We work hard for each other and that's going to make us as strong as ever. That's what we want to show to the people. When you play on the same page it's really hard to beat, you know.”

On having no fear

“Since the beginning of the season I really trust in my teammates. I really trust in the way the gaffer wants us to play, when you get this chemistry between us it is really hard to beat us. Now we have to understand that we not only play against big teams, and we need to also take points against the lower teams. It will come from the next game. We need to play Sheffield and it will be a tough game.”

On Gomes getting the praise

“He deserves it. From the beginning of the game, he was very aggressive and on his game. He deserves praise as he puts in a shift in every game we play. He has been going forward a lot and missed the feeling to score. I had to cover him as he wanted it. Well done to him. He gave us the lead and after he scored the second one, well done to him.”

On dreaming big

“We don’t know. To be honest, we don’t want to talk about it. At the beginning of the season, a lot of people said that we were going to be relegated. But we are showing that that is not the case. We want to go as far as we can, try to take the steps one by one.

“Keep the same mentality to always win the game that we are going to face. I knew what team we have and if someone trusted in us, I knew what we would achieve. That's what I say.”