King | ‘My biggest improvement and what a place to do it’

Tom King says every day he tries to apply himself with the spirit which embodies being a Wolves player and is delighted to have been rewarded with a new contract.

The goalkeeper has signed new terms until 2026 and believes the improvement he’s seen in himself since the summer has been the biggest of his career. Although yet to make his senior debut for the club, the 28-year-old has been praised for his attitude and application at Compton Park every day, which is pushing the goalkeeper department on and helping build the culture Gary O’Neil is asking for from the group.

On extending his Wolves stay

“It’s an amazing feeling. It kind of felt surreal when ‘Cuts’ [Neil Cutler] mentioned that the club wanted to extend my stay. I’m very thankful for the hard work he’s put in and the gaffer with Matt Hobbs and Jeff to reassure me that I’m a big part of the club moving forward, and I’ve been made to feel that way. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to continue it for an extra couple of years.

“The step up in level, step up in professionalism, I’m adapting every day. I’m trying to pick things up as quickly as possible and clearly I’m doing an alright job of it because the club want to keep me here for a bit longer. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way and even the small details I’m starting to pick up now and starting to gain the pace of the ball. I’m just waiting for an opportunity, however that may arise, and I feel I’m ready.”

On developing every day

“I’m in constant communication with Cuts and the manager, asking their opinions on where they think I am, and they’re pleased with my progression. For me, in the last six months, it’s the biggest improvement I’ve had in my career. It just goes to show, you maybe see your young self as the best time to learn, but for me, I’m about to turn 29 and still learning every day and I’m really kicking on, but this has been the biggest development and improvement phase of my career and what a place to do it.”

On being a big part of the dressing room

“Anyone who watches training will be able to hear my voice – I try and get as much out of every day as I possibly can and I do that in my own special way, as some of the lads will tell you. I try and get a good laugh, I try and get the spirits high, but also when it’s time to work I feel I’m one of the top workers, which obviously the club have noticed, and they feel is what embodies the spirit of playing for Wolves and being part of the club. My game time might be limited, but there’s so many other ways I can add value to the team and to the squad in general.

“To come in and straight away lose a huge part of my life in Tony Roberts – it was the dream we put together, working together for a full season – so him leaving, I thought it was going to come crumbling down a bit. Thank God, someone of the quality of Neil Cutler and the manager came in, and they’ve taken the reins. It’s been an amazing journey and I think there’s going to be some special moments between now and the end of the season, and I’m an extremely lucky boy to be a part of that.”

On the goalkeeper’s union in place

“It’s good. Working with two quality goalkeepers every day, they push me, and I hope I push them as much, because every day I treat like a matchday. I know I need to be 100 per cent at my level, otherwise I can’t compete with goalies as good as Jose and Dan. If I’m anywhere underneath 100 per cent, they’re the ones I’m looking to – I have to be as good as that and push on. Cuts has been really good as well and we’ve got Scotty Beavon working with us every day, who I used to watch play when I was 14, 15 down south. Feeding off him and getting two types of opinions every day, it’s been brilliant.”

On his previous links to O’Neil

“It’s a little bit full circle for me. With the manager, I used to watch him play at Fratton Park. The first game, me and the manager were in the lift, and he asked me where I’m from which is Portsmouth and he clicked on quite quickly. We’ve had a couple of jokes. After being a young kid, part of Portsmouth’s academy, and watching the manager train and be a part of that, to call him Gaffer is a real privilege and hopefully long may it continue.”

On what the future may hold

“I’m just trying to pick all these things up. I’ve come late to the Premier League, but I’m trying to pick up things as quickly as I can and try to develop them all into my game, taking little bits of Dan, from Jose and the young kids. I’m picking up a wealth of knowledge from Cuts and Scotty, it’s been a whirlwind six months, but there’s a lot more of it to come thank God.”