Hwang | 'We won't stop here, we’re not satisfied'

Hee Chan Hwang says his Wolves teammates feel like “brothers”, which is one of the reasons behind him extending his stay at Wolves until 2028.

The South Korean has put pen to paper on a new contract, providing the latest positive checkpoint of his most successful season at Molineux to date, where he’s hit nine goals before Christmas.

However, for the attacker, personal accolades are far from his mind, with Hwang praising the faith and impact of head coach Gary O’Neil, saying every goal or assist is the work of the whole team, rather than him alone.

On extending his stay

“I’m really happy to stay here and I just want to say thank you to my teammates, our staff, my family and the fans. I’m really happy to stay at Wolves. I’m enjoying playing here and enjoying everything, life and football. I have very good teammates and players, and everything here is amazing. I just want to keep playing well and I’m ready to give everything.

“Nine goals makes me, of course, happy. But I really want to say to my teammates, coaching staff and family, thank you. I couldn’t do it alone, goals and assists. I learn a lot from my coaching staff, that’s why my goals are for the team. I will try my best and try to help my team.

“I’m not satisfied just with the new contract, sometimes I’m talking about our ambition with some players and we have the same ambition. I have more responsibility to win and I'm ready to fight for team.”

On the manager’s faith

“It’s helped a lot. Not just me, every player, he teaches us many things as players, attackers and defenders, he’s very intelligent. As players, we know what he wants, and we understand better every single week. That’s why we’ve played better and have many points. We don’t want to stop here, we’re not satisfied, we want to do our best and we want to stay as high as possible.”

On the group being a family

“I don’t think they’re just teammates, they are good friends and good brothers. We play on the pitch for each other, I help him, he helps me, that’s why we’re strong at the moment and this will make us stronger.

“If I can, I want to show our culture, like food. Some players like this and we’ve spent time together. I want to show them more good foods, we have good food and culture, and I want to show them and spend more time with my teammates.”

On his Wolves journey

“My start was good, I scored a lot, but after a few months I got injured and had some tough times, but I tried to do my best every single day because playing in the Premier League was my dream and I’m really enjoying these times. I really want to show our fans good things and to show my people good energy.

“English [language] is one of the most important things for me and for foreign players. I wanted to learn English well, and it’s still not good enough, but I’m every time trying. I said last time, I want to spend more time with my teammates, so I need better English. I want good communication with fans also.”

On the future at Wolves

“We have good coaching staff and good players. I really want to win every single game and I want to show to our fans good games and bring many points.

“I’m really excited, so excited. I will keep doing my best and I will play for my team, for my fans, for my family, and I hope we can enjoy these times and I will do my best and I’ll try my best every single day and we keep going.”