Cunha | 'I feel like I’m much more confident now'

As he approaches the end of his first 12 months at Molineux, Matheus Cunha has declared he is loving life in Wolverhampton and hopes to be part of the Wolves team for many more years to come.

The Brazilian has flourished under Gary O’Neil this season, with four goals and three assists in the top flight – including two of each in his last four outings – and Cunha has admitted that although he took a bit of time to adapt to the Premier League after signing for Wolves last Christmas Day, the confidence he has been given by the head coach has allowed him to become the player Old Gold supporters have been wanting to see.

On relationship with O’Neil

“A lot of the success we’ve had this season is thanks to Gary. He’s an incredible guy. He’s supported us a lot, and particularly with me, he’s given me a lot of confidence.

“We talk a lot and he has taught me a lot. He’s taught me to do some kinds of things that I found hard to accept, but I keep going because I believe in him.

“That’s not only me, but the whole group, we all believe in him and it’s about that. We go into every game with the same focus and I think that we are in a good level now.”

On growing in confidence

“Everything is about confidence. Everyone takes time to adapt when they go into a new culture in the world, and coming into the Premier League is no different.

“It’s the best league in the world, so it’s a little bit harder and takes more time to adapt, but I feel like I’m much more confident now, I feel a lot more adapted to the league, to my teammates and I think we’re showing that on the pitch.

“We’re always working and focusing on the things we know we can do, and with the confidence I think everything is coming out different, and I’m able to help my teammates more in games with goals and assists.”

On his happy-go-lucky nature

“I think it’s from my family. My mother is really like me, my father talks a lot, and I need to be like I am, and I enjoy it a lot to play football. I enjoy it a lot to play with the guys that I’m playing with, the level that we are at, and the heart this team has – it’s incredible, and the level and the heart that this staff has is incredible also.

“Gary says I smile a lot, but he smiles a lot also and he’s always joking with me, so I think this kind of confidence he has given us has gone onto the pitch as it’s much more easier running for him and running for my team.”

On his attacking partnership with Hwang

“Channy is a really good guy. We always have time to talk and we both played in Leipzig – not together – but he left and then I came in, and we talk about a few players who we both played with there and I think our relationship is very good.

“We always have Korean things here and he calls me to do it with him, and I always like to do it as I learn a lot. I’m always talking with him to teach me some words in Korean, so I like him a lot. I think we’re showing that on the pitch and it’s very good for us to keep this level.”

On his first year in the Premier League

“It’s incredible. My wife had said to me for a long, long time that she wants to live in England and I’d say, ‘Maybe it’s too cold there’, because I’ve lived in Germany already and, ‘Maybe the people are a little bit cold’, because I’m quite a sunny person who likes to smile and talk all day.

“But I was wrong because it’s great here. I love this city, I love these people and I want to be here for more time so I can enjoy more, so I thank everyone in Wolverhampton.”