Silva | ‘I don’t feel pressure to score’

Fabio Silva has acknowledged his pride of wearing Wolves’ iconic number nine shirt as he looks to get off the mark in the Premier League for the season this weekend against Luton Town.

In an exclusive interview with the Express & Star, Silva sat down with Liam Keen to discuss some of the decisions that were made around his Wolves future this summer, as the striker committed himself to the club.

That commitment saw the 21-year-old rewarded with the Old Gold’s number nine shirt, but Silva insists being given the iconic number will not increase the pressure he puts on himself to find the back of the net.

The first part of Keen’s extended interview with Silva can be found on the Express & Star website and YouTube channel. The second part will be published this evening at 10.30pm.

On committing to Wolves this summer

“After the Euros there was a lot of noise about whether I would stay or go, but I had some good points here at Wolves to stay.

“Matt Hobbs was a key part of the project to stay. I think Wolves have a very good person behind the club. I like the way he spoke with me and took care of me. Of course, my president Jeff Shi is amazing. He always takes care of me and speaks with me like a son. I feel the love from him.

“I wanted to continue to play, to feel happy and contribute to the team. Gary [O’Neil] too, who is very good and gave me confidence to start, I wanted to stay. And the fans too, of course. I cannot forget the fans because they always push me.

“But Matt Hobbs was the biggest part of me staying here at Wolves, because of the way he spoke with me and tried to change my head, my ideas.”

On repaying the faith

“All the players want to be loved by the fans, the coach, the staff and the people around the training ground. I feel this, but of course I feel happier if I play than if I don’t play. I want to play every game, start every game and contribute to the team, to prove to myself and my coach.

“I have nothing to prove to other people, but I want to prove to the coach, to Jeff and Matt Hobbs, because they are the most important people.”

On taking the number nine shirt

“At the beginning [of the season] I asked for the number, but they didn’t give me it because we didn’t know if I would stay or not.

“We waited until I knew the answer and when I decided to stay, we took care of it, and they gave me the number nine. I am very glad and very proud.”

On his relationship with Wolves fans

“The fans are one of the secrets for me to stay because if I’m playing or not, they support me. They are behind me and that’s most important.

“During games in pre-season, they sang a lot to me and that was one of the keys for me staying. I need this love, to stay here and give back to them.

“I always try to give assists and score. Sometimes when I miss, don’t think it’s on purpose because it’s not. On the pitch I don’t think there’s someone that wants to score more than me. I always try to give my best for a brilliant game.”

On scoring in the Premier League

“I don’t feel pressure to score. In my life, things always come naturally, so that will continue if I focus on myself and my work at the training ground and at home, with my people, with good energy around me, things will happen.

“I like to think about the present. In the present I want to have an amazing season and help Wolves to be in the best position in the table. I want to help Wolves with goals and assists, as much as possible.

“How much I do in the present will be better in the future, so the present is the most important thing, and that is to win against Luton, score against Luton and give assists against Luton.”

The first part of Keen’s extended interview with Silva can be found on the Express & Star website and YouTube channel. The second part will be published this evening at 10.30pm.