Cunha | On pride at Anfield draw and joy at fans' support

Matheus Cunha was left with mixed emotions from his second appearance in a Wolves shirt as Wolves had to settle for a replay in their FA Cup third round tie with Liverpool at Anfield.

The striker came off the bench with half an hour to go in the contest when the Reds were leading, but the Brazilian helped set Hee Chan Hwang up for Wolves’ equalising strike. But after Toti saw a goal disallowed for offside late on which would have secured a place in the fourth round, Cunha admits the players were left frustrated but proud of their performance.

On leaving Liverpool with a draw

“It was a very dramatic game. At 2-1 we really needed to recover and keep focused to put it to 2-2 and maybe win this game. But, for sure, after 2-2 it was a very good result for us.

“Now we play at Molineux, so we’re happy with this result and we hope we can win in our own house.”

On being proud, despite frustrations

“That is perfect – this is completely how we feel like now. We are very proud after making it 3-2 and we think it’s not offside, but this is the game. It’s normal.

“So, we’re very proud to be 2-2, so now we want to win in our house.”

On his first two Wolves appearances

“It’s good. It’s very good. I feel like the most important thing is that I can help the team. At Aston Villa, it was a more defensive game because at the time, it was Aston Villa who would attack and were able to make it 1-1 in the result.

“But today, it was a different situation. I go to the pitch with it at 2-1 to Liverpool and it was different because we were attacking and I had the feeling to score, and we scored first.

“After that, it felt that we needed to keep this result, but it felt very good. The most important thing is to help the team and then I hope my first possible goal can come. So this is very good for me, but the most important thing is getting three points for the team.”

On hearing the fans sing his name

“It’s unbelievable. I’m very happy to have this. At the start I didn’t believe it, and I say, ‘Oh, maybe it’s my name?’ But I was thinking maybe not.

“But then maybe I do some mistake and I think, ‘No, it’s me, it’s not me’, but then I think, ‘It’s me’. But then I looked there and people were like, ‘Yes! You.’ And I say, ‘Wow, thank you very much guys.’

“I’m lucky that I’m one guy that gets this. I’m very proud and I want to do everything on the pitch for the fans.”