Neto | 'I want to achieve great things with this club'

A new Premier League season has brought renewed excitement for Pedro Neto, with the Wolves winger looking forward to getting back on the pitch this weekend after last year’s injury-hit campaign.

The Portuguese admits his pre-season has been ‘unbelievable’ having returned to the squad at the end of 2021/22 following more than 10 months on the sidelines. But now feeling fully fit and ready having overcome his set-back, with three goals in four pre-season matches to his name, Neto is more eager than ever to be getting a season which also includes a winter World Cup in Qatar up and running against Leeds United.

On the Premier League returning

“I’m very excited to play our first game. All the work that we did over the pre-season is about that, so we are looking forwards to that first match and doing a good campaign this season.

“We always take it game by game and we know that we have good players, we have quality in the squad, we have a lot of quality, but we always go game by game.

“We always want to win, we always want to do our best, and when the championship goes by, we will see how we are, but of course, we want to win.”

On the hard work of pre-season

“Pre-season, for me, has been unbelievable. I’m feeling very well, I’m enjoying my football, but I always want to do better than I did before.

“I think it was the piece, after my recovery, that was the most important because I knew that I was going to need a good pre-season, and I think I did a very good individual pre-season.

“I am looking forwards because I want to achieve something with this club. I want to achieve great things with this club.”

On facing Leeds this weekend

“We are expecting a very tough match. We are waiting for a team that works because they are always very tough to play; they run a lot, they fight a lot.

“I remember two years ago, the game that we did away, it was one of the games that I got most tired, so I think that it will be a tough game, but we go there to play our game and to win.”

On aims for the season

“My individual targets are to do my best, to do better than I did before, and I always want to improve my game. I want to help the team with goals, to help the team with assists and to take the best of me.

“Two seasons ago, I was having a very good season and I’m looking forwards to doing better, much better I hope, because I always want to take the best of me, so I’m looking to do a great season.

“In terms of Wolves, we always play game by game. We want to enjoy all the games and in pre-season we enjoyed the games as we are playing a new strategy and a new way to play.

“We want to enjoy the games as best as we can, we want to do our best, and of course, we want to go to higher levels in this league and we want to fight for European football – it was always our goals before. Last year we didn’t do it, and we didn’t do it the season before, but we are always looking to fight for those places, and we have the confidence to do that. But we want to do a good campaign, we’ll go game by game, and then we’ll see where it’s going.”

On World Cup ambitions

“I’m working for it. I think I’m getting my levels, and I want to be the best I can. I want to continue to get better and I’m feeling very well, so I really hope to be there.”