Neto | 'We should have a little bit more'

Pedro Neto admits the end of the season has been frustrating to the Wolves squad after setting themselves up for what could have been a record-breaking campaign.

The winger scored early at Anfield in the final outing of 2021/22 to give Wolves hope of an upset against Liverpool before being forced off the field due to a slight injury, but despite a positive performance against the league’s runners-up, Neto was left ruing what might have been if results in the season run-in would have matched those of the games that had gone before.

On positive start at Anfield

“It was a very good game. We did a very good job here and we had quite a few chances to score. We could have been 2-0 after Leander’s chance, but what a game.”

On going off early with an injury

“I’ve been coming back slowly and I didn’t want to risk it. I felt it a little bit, but I’m feeling better now.”

On eyes on other games

“I was seeing the games of Brighton and of Leicester, and of course we wanted to know what the other results were because it affected our place in the championship.

“We were watching those as well as our own [on the bench], so we were seeing a lot of what was happening in the other games.”

On ending the season in tenth

“It was a little bit frustrating because after the job we did this season, we thought we should have a little bit more. But we’ll have to go again next season.”