Sa | On season finale, fighting for victory and player of the season awards

Although he recognises Wolves will be underdogs heading into their final match of the season at Anfield this weekend, but Jose Sa insists the players still have plenty of fight left in them.

Liverpool could seal the Premier League title on Sunday afternoon if results go their way, but Sa – who was voted Wolves player of the season by both his teammates and old gold supporters last week – believes his side can spoil the party and end his first season in the Premier League on a high.

On ending the season at Anfield

“It will be a difficult game because they are a very strong team, but we will do our job, we will play our football and we will try to win the game, that is because that is what we want.

“It’s not my first time there. I was one time on the bench with Porto, but this would be the first time I would play there.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’m ready and we have to be.”

On being the underdogs

“The normal thing is that Liverpool win. That’s the normal thing that people expect, but what we have to do is fight and play our game.

“Here in the Premier League, you never know who will win the game because the games are not always that the favourite team, like Liverpool, will win.

“Here, the last team in the table can win against the first, so we never know what is going to happen.”


On a recent downturn in results

“I don’t know why. We were unlucky sometimes, but we still fight, we’re training well to have good results, but this is football.

“Sometimes you have ups and sometimes you have downs, and we are having downs at the moment.”

On being voted player of the season

“It made me feel very good because it’s nice when you come here in your first year and you won these two trophies because it’s important for the player who wins the trophy.

“It’s about all the hard work we’ve had all season and after, the people recognise your work and of course I was happy when I received these two trophies.”


On an impressive first season at Wolves

“I’ve not been surprised but my teammates have helped me too both on the pitch and outside. After, I stayed more confident and after that, the results came. My teammates in front of me helped me a lot, like I helped them too and it was a great season for me, a great first season in the Premier League, and I’m very happy.

“The fans, they are amazing and the team, the staff, they are all amazing and I feel very good here and my family too because we have a nice group.

“All of the wives are Portuguese and for me, if my family are happy, then I have more power to work. My family is my support and if they are sad or they don’t like being somewhere, it’s more difficult for us and although we’re there to work, your wife, your daughter or your son might not be happy.

“If that happens, that makes your head sometimes go there, but here I’m very happy, they are happy too, and we like being here.

“The people are very nice, the fans, they are fantastic, and that was one of the most important things that put me here to work and to be better every day.”