Coady and Neves prepared for ‘massive’ Molineux finale

Conor Coady and Ruben Neves are both determined to give the Wolves supporters a positive end to their season as they prepare to host Norwich City in their final Molineux outing, a game which they both describe as ‘massive’.

After defeat to Manchester City at home on Wednesday night, the side in gold and black will want to end their Wolverhampton campaign on a high, and the pair sat down together to talk about what needs to happen if they are to bounce back against the Canaries on Sunday ahead of a final day visit to Anfield.

Coady on areas to improve from Man City defeat

“It was an incredible individual performance and he’s [Kevin De Bruyne] an incredible player, but a lot of people have been saying the same thing from our point of view; we gave him too much space, we gave him too much time and we game him too many gaps to run into.

“That was our own problem, that was our own fault and that’s something we’ve got to look into because over the years we’ve had some really good performances against Manchester City, a few good results and we’ve managed to get a couple of wins as well.

“We know how that feels when we get those wins and the feeling is absolutely incredible because you know you’re up against a world class team with world class players, and we spoke about how we wanted to play before the game, but we didn’t play the way we have done in the past.

“Everyone knows how good De Bruyne is and how good Manchester City is, but we need to look at ourselves in the end.”

Neves on bouncing back against Norwich

“We have two games left and we go to both of them to win, so Norwich at home will be massive for us after this defeat against Man City.

“Of course, we lost to maybe the hardest team in the league - with Liverpool - but as Conor said, we didn’t do it well and we know we can do it better.

“As we speak every time when you come from a defeat, you just want to bounce back and that’s what we’re looking for. To give our fans a win in the last game at home of the season, it’s our big target now.”

Coady on impacting the title race

“We spoke about it before the Man City game as well, we spoke about that [having an impact on the title race]. It’s obviously a really hard run that we had before that, and they are two of the best teams in the world, the way they are and I think everybody would agree with that, so we knew we would have a big say in it.

“But we can’t look too far ahead, we’ve got Liverpool on the last game of the season, but what we need to do is look at where we’re going wrong at the minute. People talk about the games we’ve got coming up, but as Ruben just said, the next one up is Norwich and it’s massive for us.

“We didn’t really want this game to be massive for us, because we wanted to go into it and enjoy it and play the last game in front of the supporters and let them enjoy it as well, but it’s become big for us because we’ve not been winning and we need to start winning again.

“We need to prepare right, but the best thing about it is that we can bounce back straight away with the game on Sunday. Looking too far ahead would be really silly, because we know how good Liverpool are and when the time is right, we’ll think about them, but first, Sunday is massive for us.”