Lage | ‘We just watched Brighton play’

Bruno Lage gave a scathing assessment of his Wolves side’s performance against Brighton & Hove Albion, describing the 3-0 loss at Molineux as the worst display since he took charge of the team.

The head coach admitted he was left ‘sad and unhappy’ after allowing the Seagulls to dominate much of the game and was left ruing the missed opportunity of the team pushing further up the Premier League table, especially with a run of tough fixtures in the next fortnight.

On ‘the worst performance of the season’

“When you come from this performance that we gave for the 90 minutes, there’s nothing much to say. We didn’t come to play, we just watched Brighton play. They deserved the three points because they played better, especially in the second-half, when they were winning 1-0, and we didn’t have the ability to play our game.

“The opportunity that we have in our hands to get to the better positions, that is why it is difficult to explain. When you go for 45 minutes and concede two penalties, the first one was a handball, it can happen, but the second one was just a run in behind and one more time a penalty.

“I changed to be more aggressive in front because 1-0 down would give us nothing, and we really didn’t change too much. All I can say is that it was 90 minutes that we just watched Brighton to play. It was the worst performance since the first day.”

On Brighton’s dominance

“They have a good style of play also and in the first-half it was a calm game from them, they didn’t create too many chances, like us, but they had the penalty. In the second-half, they were much better and credit for that.

“After we gave them the spaces and they scored goals. They dominated the game because we offered them more spaces. But when you look at the game, they were hard goals to take. Credit to them, they played, they win, they created chances and they scored goals, and for us, it’s just a game to watch because it was 90 minutes that we didn’t play.”

On tactical decisions

“Right now, we have a big chance to arrive in different position and we missed some important players. Even today, we just had the chance to play with Ruben and we started with midfielders because Brighton start with a lot of midfielders and they wanted to control the game.

“When we changed, we had to take Ruben out because he was only allowed to play 45 minutes, we had just two midfielders and tried to give a different dynamic with Raul, with Pedro and with Hwang in front, and we didn’t do better.

“It’s hard for me to come to this time, we missed some players and we are missing chances to put the club in different positions.”

On another missed opportunity

“When there’s a lot of things wrong, the first person that needs to be aware is me. I need to see the signs and when you come to this position and we have a big chance to do a lot of things.

“With two more victories, we have the chance to have the clubs’ record in the Premier League, if we want points, we can put the club in seventh or sixth position, and if you ask any player who wants to play the last games in the season when we are fighting for our position, when you’ve got to play important games for the top of the Premier League, and you come for these games and you play.

“So we’ve got to understand the signs. We want to put the club in the next level and we’ve missed these chances, so to me, it’s not good enough. When you play like this, it’s not good enough.”

On the mentality of his players

“It was strange for me today. The first goal means a lot. We were in the game and they don’t concede too many chances, they concede a penalty from a cross for handball and after they scored the second penalty, but you feel that with the right momentum, if you come and try to do my best to put more men in front and be more aggressive to create more chances, because we’ve been doing well since the first day.

“The mentality is very good and that’s why I think what happened today, it was clear, but the players know they should do better and I know they should do better.

“I’m sad, I’m unhappy today because we didn’t play and for sure, we have important games in front of us and I will see which players want to continue to put the club in the different level.”