Toti | 'This is just the beginning'

Wolves defender Toti feels his new contract is the start of something which could be special, after he committed his future to the club.

The Portuguese started the year on loan at Grasshoppers, but since returned to Wolves and impressed in Bruno Lage’s first-team, which yielded a new five-year contract. Making his debut the day before his 23rd birthday, Toti showed the quality of player on Wolves’ book and he’s now determined to learn every single day in training, in order to improve as a player for Wolves.

On signing a new deal

“I’m happy and grateful to extend my contract with Wolves. I really appreciate the opportunity the club has given me, and I think this is something great for myself, and my whole family, and I’m happy I can keep bringing happiness to the family and make them proud every day.

“Like I’ve said before, this is just the beginning of something possibly great and I will always keep working hard so I can give back the confidence the club has given myself every day in training and games, so I can help the team achieve goals in each season.”

On being back at Wolves

“Everything, the food, the guys, the company, here there are a lot of Portuguese players, so that makes me feel comfortable. Until now I’ve enjoyed a lot. One of the guys, Chiquinho, we played since kids and have known each other since kids at school, and now we are sharing the same dream in the Premier League – it’s great.

“I will take it game by game, but I will always give my best in training and when I have the opportunity to play, I’ll always give my best for the team and after we will see. I hope and I think good things will come.”

On being exposed to the Premier League

“I was just training, not expecting to play, and after the opportunity came and I was ready and grabbed it well. I’m just grateful for the chance they gave to me to make my debut in the Premier League, especially for Wolves.

“He [Bruno] spoke with me in training but he’s a really calm coach. He trusted me, so I was not with big pressure because of that and also in the pitch the guys helped me from the beginning to the end, and I was comfortable with the role, more because of them and that’s why everything went well.

“I immediately, on the first game, noticed the difference because it’s the best league in the world. You can see I was in Switzerland and comparing, it’s a different level, but I felt comfortable on the pitch, and I was enjoying it.”

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On what he learned at Grasshoppers

“I benefited a lot. It was a great year. The first year we won the championship in the Second Division and I learned a lot. I was there also with a few guys of Wolves, and I think I grew up a lot since the first time I arrived there until now.”

On how he’s grown at Wolves

“It was in everything. In training with guys that are older than me, I try always to learn with them and ask questions, especially with Coady the captain, our skipper, he tries always to help me and I’m really happy to be here and learn with them every day.

“I try always to learn from them [other defenders] and if I’m not playing and they are, I try to see what they do and after when it’s my chance to play, I will always give my best and try to do what they do and learn from them, because they are older than me and they have been in my place, and now it’s my time to do it.”