Moutinho | 'We can achieve something good'

Joao Moutinho believes Wolves “can achieve something good” this season but insists standards from the last two Premier League victories must be maintained.

Wolves took six points from Watford and Everton last week, but another tough test sits around the corner in the shape of a rejuvenated Leeds United side. Joao Moutinho, who has defied his 35 years again with a stellar season in the midfield, is still enjoying his football and is raring to go again as Leeds come to Molineux under the lights.

On how the season is shaping up

“Every season is special and this one is special. I try to enjoy every single moment and I know we can achieve something good, but I’m enjoying day by day and this season is one I’m enjoying very well. We don’t think about the last game for when it finishes, we think game by game.

“We need to do our best to win because all the games are tough. If we think in the future, we’ll forget a little bit the present and that’s what we don’t want. We want to continue our performances from the last two games, don’t forget what we did bad in the other ones, but improve all the time on the training ground after the games, and after that we’ll see where we are.”

On high spirits in the camp

“The last two wins, we played the football we want from us and what the coach wants from us with the ball. Of course, it’s our game and after we do that, we are closer to winning games. We want to continue with these kinds of games and in the next game do our best to win.

“We need to have confidence in our game, to have possession of the ball, don’t be afraid to play and sometimes this doesn’t happen and we suffer more than we want. We are learning with that and the last two games we did a great job and got two victories.”

On enjoying his football

“The highlight for me is about the team, our wins. Of course, when I help the team scoring or assisting, it’s very good for me personally, but I’m enjoying more if the team wins, plays well, if the team does what we train for. For me, the most important is if we finish with the win. If I can contribute with a goal, assist, or just running, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to be very happy.

“I just keep doing what I do. I feel great, I’m feeling happy, enjoying the football and I feel I can help my team. It doesn’t matter where, at the training ground, on the pitch, it doesn’t matter where, at the national team, I feel I can help and while I feel that, I feel comfortable with my fitness, my body, I continue. It’s my life, football is what I do, and I want to continue.”

On Wolves’ style of play

“He’s changed a lot of things. We try to have more ball, or players at the back, our defenders, goalkeeper try to play. That’s one of the improvements we have, and we try to continue with this because we know if we do this, with the quality players we have, we are closer to win the games, create opportunities and score.

“We need to improve on all things and that’s good for us. I know the group wants everything more, ever game to be better than the last one, and this is good for all the team, all the players, because we are all together, thinking one thing, which is win.”

On Kilman’s season so far

“Max has improved a lot. I remember when he came and he’s improving every single day and it’s good for him and for us too, because he’s played very well and done a great job this season. I think he can improve more, he knows that, he works for that, and he’s going to be a great, great player, better than he already is.”

On Leeds coming to town

“It’s a very difficult game with a very good team, very good players. A new coach, new ideas, they try to put on the game ideas of the new coach, and they already won the last one and want to come back like they were last season – a great job. They know they have quality, they try to show it again, but we know they come to win but we play all the games to win, it doesn’t matter the team or where we go. Leeds is one more game to show to the people, our supporters, what we can do.”