Neves | 'We need to improve'

Ruben Neves insists Wolves will be working to improve their shooting ahead of this weekend’s visit to Tottenham Hotspur having seen plenty of opportunities spurned against Spurs’ north London rivals Arsenal at Molineux.

Wolves peppered the Arsenal goal with 15 shots without finding the back of the net in their most recent Premier League fixture, but Neves believes his side could be shooting even more, and wants his teammates to have an effort on goal rather than deciding to pass when in good positions after the old gold put in a season-high 45 crosses into the box on Thursday night.

On falling to the Gunners

“We think we should have come away with something from the game because we did well, but we are struggling again to score goals. As well we are conceding a lot of goals from set-pieces now, which is something we’ll need to improve.

“We cannot concede so many goals from set-pieces because they had two chances to score and the scored one, we had four or five and we didn’t score one.

“But that’s football. Even the goal it was bouncing about and whether it was a foul or not – but that’s football. We are used to it and when it’s something we have doubts about it, it rarely comes to us, so we are already used to these decisions.”

On Arsenal’s winner

“Sa tries to get to it and he touches his hand, but it’s a doubt. I can accept the decision, but the other thing they need to change is in some games they give the foul and in others they don’t give the foul.

“I have the perfect example. In the last game we did here, every time Fabio touched the centre-half, it was a foul. Yesterday in the Tottenham game, we saw the centre-halves killing the striker and they scored a goal and it was not a foul.

“They need to do the same decisions in every game because it’s really frustrating for us. But that’s another part of the game that we need to look to ourselves as well.”

On taking a shot at goal

“We already did well, but we need to improve. We need to improve a lot and start scoring goals because the way we are playing, we are creating chances, but we are not good enough in that part of the game, so we need to improve a lot.

“Just training. We’ve got to be focused and shoot more on goal. We seem to have a lot of chances to shoot on goal, but we try to cross and sometimes we need to shoot more.”

On conceding from another set-piece

“We are working hard and training well in the week, so we need to improve on stressing the opponent and improve on set-pieces as well.

“It was the third game in a row that we’ve conceded a goal from set-pieces, so we were doing really well until now, but we’re going down on that part.

“But training a lot, work a lot like we’ve been doing and I’m sure the goals will come again for us and we’ll be ok.

On continuing to push in the Premier League

“We saw the way they celebrated this win. That showed the level we are because we are there fighting against big teams. I’ve not seen Arsenal celebrating like this for the last 10 years – it was like they won the league.

“But the league is not finished. We are fighting, we’ll improve, and that’s our main goal, to improve, because we have a lot of games left to go and the league is not finished at all.”