Neves | 'We didn’t deserve' late Liverpool defeat

Ruben Neves believes Wolves did not deserve to be on the losing side of their latest Premier League clash with Liverpool.

The midfielder and his side dropped to a last-minute loss to the title-chasers, with Divock Origi’s shot snatching all three points for the Anfield outfit, but Neves felt the team had done enough defensively to have got something from the game.

On the late defeat to Liverpool

“It’s the worst thing in football when you work hard to get the result and you concede a goal in the last minute of the game.  

“We lost the ball in a transition, but I thought we had done really well throughout all the game in transition, but we went and lost it in the last minute.

“I think there was a little bit of disrespect to us before the game, with people saying Liverpool have got four goals already, but we did well. They scored four goals in their last few games, but we’ve not been conceding.

“We don’t get that much attention in the Premier League compared to the ‘big teams’ but I think we showed tonight that we’re not an easy team to beat. But we will get to work again and go again next week at Manchester City.”

On conceding in the final minute

“They are really strong on the counter and have really quick players and they have a lot of quality, of course.

“Mo Salah did an amazing first touch and they scored, but we need to be more experienced in those situations because the way we worked today, we didn’t deserve that.”

On a tough winter schedule

“The last four games have been difficult because although we haven’t been conceding goals, we haven’t been scoring goals.

“But we’ve been the same since the start of the season, of course we need to look to try to do our game as we try to win every single game, no matter the opponent and no matter the stadium.

“We will keep doing that and keep working really hard as we’ve been doing. We’ve been working really hard during the week to get the games strong.

“I think we showed that today, but we unfortunately didn’t get any points. But we go again for next week.”