Lage | Wolves players 'gave everything' in Liverpool loss

Bruno Lage felt his Wolves players did everything they could to earn a point from their contest with Liverpool at Molineux after a last-minute goal snatched all three points for the visitors.

The head coach praised his players for giving their all against ‘one of the best teams in the world’ as they almost held out for a third consecutive goalless draw before falling in added time. But Lage and his side were disappointed that one lack in concentration so late in the game proved to be the difference.  

On last-gasp loss to Liverpool

“The first words is for my players because they did everything I asked. When you look at their faces in the dressing room, you can see they gave everything and in the end I felt we deserved one point.

“The plan was to try to create problems for Liverpool, who I think are one of the best teams in the league, one of the best teams in the world, with good players, a great coach, and I think we did that.

“We created a lot of problems for them. We understood the game, our moments to create our chances to put pressure on them, especially the three guys on the front, they did fantastic work.”

On one moment costing the points

“When you look at what we did in 90 minutes, we lose one ball and then afterwards in five seconds, they score.

“These things cannot happen. Especially in this league, especially against these teams, and this has happened twice with us – against Leeds and now today. I’m disappointed, but this is football. We need to move on, recover and then it’s Man City.

“We need to continue to do it because next up is another tough game, another one of the best teams in the world, with top players, a top manager, and we go again with the same mentality.”

On coming out stronger in the second-half

“We were in the game, but we missed two or three situations with the way we pressed, especially in the first-half.

“In the break, we had time to talk, and the moment will come, because they will start to look for the watch, they try to put one more man in front and just two midfielders, and we were coming. That’s why we created two or three situations where maybe we should shoot more.

“That’s what I want. More easy options to run to the ball, to shoot to goal, but second-half we played better. But that’s why it’s frustrating. After 90 minutes, when I was in the dressing room to see the players and what they did, we take that goal because this is football.”

On Coady’s goal-line block

“Coady, what can I say about him, he’s like the character of the club. He’s one of the guys. He’s very important for us and he’s the guy who understands most what we want from the teamwork.

“He’s the guy who understands what it means to be a pack. That’s why it was very good to see him doing that, and I think he’s doing very well.

“He’s important for us, as are the other two centre-backs, Max [Kilman] and Saiss, they are doing a fantastic job for us.”

On improvements to be made

“I want to continue with that culture. We’re trying to have more time on the ball, we’re trying to control the game with the ball, and teamwork is very important.

“Maybe we could have had more of the ball and sometimes we try put in more and more balls from both sides and sometimes we hurry to go to the box when they are solid and compact. Maybe we can push a little bit and make Liverpool run without the ball, but these are a few things we will look to do more, but that comes with time.

“The work of the three strikers was very important and it was a solid performance against one of the best sides in the world. That’s the culture I want to continue to work in the club.”