Lage | On a point at Norwich, being aggressive and record start

Bruno Lage was pleased to have left Carrow Road with a point in what was an evenly-balanced game against a Norwich City side who were coming off the back of successive wins.

Although happy to add another point to the collection – which gives Wolves 20 points, the most they’ve accrued after 13 top-flight games for 40 years – the head coach acknowledged that there are plenty of areas to improve upon, urging his attacking players to be more aggressive in front of goal and not being afraid to take shots themselves when in good positions, rather than try and set up their teammates.

On taking a point on the road

“I’m in the middle of being frustrated and being happy with a point. We got one point and this is the main thing, we want to get points.

“If we get one point away, it’s good and when you look for the performance, I think we started very well. The first 30 minutes we dominate the game with the ball, we were aggressive with our defending, and then the game starts to be more balanced, especially in the second-half.

“We could have been better in the second-half, especially down the sides where we lost the ball on the sides and conceded some good transitions for Norwich, and maybe we could be more aggressive in the final third.

“The three guys in front should create their own chance and maybe try to shoot on goal. We are there, more moments, more aggressive to shoot on goal.

“If we could do better, I think we can create more chances and maybe we can score a goal. That’s why when I look back at the game, we saw Norwich fight for a good point, so it’s a point. It’s 20 points in this position, and now it’s looking forward for the next game.”

On areas to improve

“When you look at the game, it was a different game from what we did in Crystal Palace and it was a challenge to come here and play our game.

“We did very good for the first 30 minutes, I thought we controlled the game, we created some chances and I think it was our best moment.

“Norwich have also had a good two games, they tried to balance the game and I think the second-half was more balanced. At that moment we did two things which we need to improve, especially when the games go like this, the plan was to play side-to-side and I think we lost too many balls on the side, especially our right-back and left-back.

“We lost a lot of balls and missed a lot of transitions and there were chances where they could have scored a goal in those situations, but even then, we created our chances.

“When you look in the end, I think it was a balanced game and it was one point for both teams.”

On being more aggressive in front of goal

“Looking back at what we did in the last three games at home, we are there, we dominate the games and we created a lot of chances. But away games are different; Leeds, Crystal Palace and now today, so that’s why I’m not looking at what we did against West Ham.

“I compare to what we did against Crystal Palace, which was a disappointing performance. Here today, it was different, we dominated the game, we had the ball, we had more time on the ball and we created our own chances.

“I think, especially in the offensive game, we lost some balls, especially on the wide areas and we conceded transitions for the opponent and we need to be more aggressive to shoot.

“Sometimes, I think we could be more aggressive, especially that chance for Trincao when he was in the box, sometimes you don’t need to find a teammate, you need to shoot on goal to create your own chances.

“When we get to the box, I remember in the last minutes, a good chance for Hwang and he tried to make a one-two with Ruben inside of the box, when he could have come inside and shoot at the goal.

“It’s those little things. To be more aggressive in those zones of the pitch.”

On Wolves’ best start to a top-flight season in 40 years

“When I was in Benfica, we did the same. It was the best second round in Portugal, and we won the league. After we started the new season and also the start was very good.

“We now have 20 points from 13 games, it’s our best start to a top-flight season in 40 years, but that’s why for me it’s day by day, game by game, we try to do our best every game because, especially here in this league, you are playing against top teams and top opponents, who you can see what a win can give to the team like Norwich – they are playing very hard today.

“Every time you are playing against top teams, experienced managers, and that’s why we need to move on day by day, game by game, to prepare the best the way we can and to put our ambition as high as possible to win games.”