Coady | On Hwang/Jimenez partnership and three important points

Conor Coady praised the budding relationship between Raul Jimenez and Hee Chan Hwang after the Wolves attacking pair combined for both goals in Saturday’s 2-1 victory over Newcastle United.

Hwang was twice set up by his Mexican strike partner to secure a second successive three points ahead of the international break, and the captain said the duo are ‘brilliant people’ as well as being ‘phenomenal footballers’.

On an important three points

“It’s huge for us. We said before the game that we wanted to build on last week with a first win at home and we’ve obviously been able to do that.

“I thought the lads were really good, but there’s a lot we’ve got to learn at the end of the game. When we’re winning the game, we’ve got to try and manage it better, because the way we managed it, I felt like we were defending at times when we didn’t really need to defend.

“But it’s all about learning and all about getting better and that’s what we’re trying to do every game and we’d rather be doing it while we’re winning as well.”

On the Hwang/Jimenez partnership

“We’re excited and I think everybody associated with our football club is excited too. They’re two phenomenal footballers, but more importantly they’re brilliant people as well.

“To see them linking up well in the games is fantastic to see, and they’re a pleasure to play with, both of them.

“It was fantastic today just to watch them link and come together, and let’s hope that will continue for the rest of the season.”

On apparent foul on Sa as Newcastle scored

“It’s a tough one for the referee, but the conversation we had on the pitch was that he never blew up because Sa got up. But Sa got up because he never heard the whistle and he’s a goalkeeper, so he’s got to try and do something.

“We felt he should’ve blown because our keeper’s down with some sort of injury, I wasn’t sure what it was, but he was down injured, so for us, it should’ve been blown.

“But then, I didn’t expect it was going to be disallowed when it went in. That was the reason he gave. But we won the game, and we’ll look back and try to improve o the bits we got wrong.”

On heading into the break with successive victories

“It was massive. We talked about it before the game because back-to-back wins in the Premier League is huge and it gives you a platform to build.

“It was massive with us not having a game now for two weeks because we’re going away with our national teams and then we’ve got to be ready for the Villa game in a couple of weeks, which we’re really looking forward to.”