Jimenez | First goal back since life-threatening injury 'felt fantastic'

Raul Jimenez felt he got his ‘payback’ after finally getting off the mark for the season as his winning goal secured all three points at Southampton.

Before Sunday’s game, the Mexican has created the most chances in the Premier League without hitting the back of the net, but he got on the scoresheet for the first time since fracturing his skull just under 11 months ago, and hopes his St Mary’s strike is just the start of things to come this season.

On picking up the points at Southampton

“It felt really good. It’s been hard because we were playing good in four of our five games, and we weren’t getting the results. But football is like this.

“Sometimes you have games like that and you have to step back, analyse, and keep going. We did it today what we’ve been doing in the last games, but we’ve got our reward and the things we wanted to do.

“We did a really good game, but we know we can do even better. I think we know what we are playing to and we know we need to keep going, keep playing well and the results will keep coming.”

On his first goal since injury

“It came from a kick from the goalkeeper and this is something that we work on in training, Sa getting the ball and giving it to our strikers. I fought until the end with that one and I think it was because I wanted this goal so much, but now I have my payback.

“I was really, really excited in that moment. When I was there, looking for the ball, winning the ball and then dribbling the last defender. I took my head up and I saw that it was mine. I just shoot and I knew that it was going in, so it was really good.

“It felt fantastic. To score in front of our fans, it was amazing to score again in the Premier League.  I’ve been looking for this goal since the start of the Premier League, and now I feel very good, it fells fantastic to be back on the scoresheet.

“I’ve been working hard for this, the team have been working hard for this and now for what we have done, we deserve it.”

On wondering when the first goal would come

“Of course, I have been thinking that. I’m a striker. I want to score every game, and sometimes it’s not possible, but I knew the goal was coming. I was fighting for it, I was working for it and we, all the team, deserve this.

“We had to work hard for it, we had to be there, creating our chances, and we had some good chances, but after we scored, we had to suffer a little bit too, but we have to play like this. There is going to be times in the games that we’re going to suffer, but we have to control the game and get on top and take our chances so we can win.

“I wanted this and I wanted to finish with a goal. But now I’m going to keep working to continue with this, to keep scoring and keep helping the team to score points. I think we all worked hard today, and this is what we deserved.”

On his long recovery journey

“It’s difficult after almost nine months until I played again and it feels fantastic to be here, to be playing again, and to be back on the scoresheet. I’ve worked hard for this, but I’m going to keep working hard so I can get things like this.

“It means a lot. It has taken a lot of work and a lot of hard work during these 11 months now. I have to keep working like this, I have to keep focused on what I want and I have to go into each game like it’s the first match that I’m playing, with the same ambition, and that’s what I want. To keep working and keep helping the team.”

On the support of the Wolves fans

“I said it last week, that they are always with us. It doesn’t matter if we are losing or winning, they are always there supporting us and I think it’s really important that we are together as a pack, with them supporting us, and us fighting for them on the pitch. It doesn’t matter where we go, they are there.

“They have supported a lot. Since the first minute the accident happened, they were there. I received a lot of support from them, and I know they’re going to be with us in every moment, so that’s what the Wolves family it all about.

“We’re working hard on the pitch and they’re feeling happy with us.”

On repeating his goal against Newcastle

“I’m going to look for that. I hope I can score again. It’s going to be a tough match, but we know what we’re playing, we know each other, but we’re going to have to keep working for it.”