Lage looking for a reaction in the cup

Bruno Lage sees Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie with Tottenham Hotspur as an opportunity, for both his players to show a reaction and Wolves to spark a cup run.

Following the reverse to Brentford on Saturday, Lage has had his players hard at work on the training pitch, preparing a team capable of progressing to the fourth round of the cup. Just one month ago Spurs were in town in the Premier League, and left with a rather fortunate victory, and Lage is also looking at that afternoon as an education tool ahead of kick-off on Wednesday evening.

On learning from the recent Spurs clash

“Every game is a chance to learn something. I think we did a good game against them, so we need to understand the way they will come to play and understand who is going to play and try to do some things different. They are a good team, and we need to be in our moment, in a good way, to win that game.”

On what he expects on Wednesday

“Every time I want a reaction. When we lose, I want a reaction, when we I want a reaction. We know the competition, it’s very hard every time, with strong opponents, and Tottenham will come with the same ambition to win the game and we need to be ready to play at our home, with our fans, and to play our game, and for sure we’ll be ready for that.”

On making his team selection

“Every game is an opportunity, even training is an opportunity to show me their abilities, because for every game, I want to take the best decisions. I want to put the best players, in the best form, in the game.

“First, we’ll analyse what we did, analyse the way we want to prepare for the game and after put the best eleven to be competitive in the game because it’s one game we want to win because we want to have a good competition in the League Cup.”

On confidence remaining

“The confidence comes with the daily work, so the way we started the game [against Brentford], we started with a big confidence and a big ambition to control everything. Then the penalty happened, and we didn’t play the same way in the last 15 minutes of the first-half.

“After, the confidence came to try to return in the game. The confidence comes every time with our hard work, so we need to continue to work, to improve, because everything is not great, but at the same if we won Saturday, everything is not wrong, so we’ll continue to work.”