Marcal | Wolves want to 'bring three points home' against Brentford

Marcal believes Wolves have shown everything this season to prove they deserve to be higher up the Premier League table, as the side aim to build on their first victory of the season when they face Brentford on Saturday.

The left-back, who was one of five players nominated for Wolves’ Castore player of the month for August, has been a key part of Bruno Lage’s plans this campaign after his 2020/21 season was hampered by injuries. With two assists in last weekend’s win at Watford, Marcal is enjoying life in Wolverhampton and the Premier League.

On life at Wolves

“I am happy here. It is a very good club with great chances of playing in the Europa League next year.

“The club welcomed me with open arms and England is a country that I have always wanted to get to know and work in. My family is enjoying it and the kids already speak English, so everything is going well.

“It’s difficult to compare any other league with the Premier League. French championships are the closest to the English ones, but you can still see a large gap in terms of quality, game rhythm and speed.

“The Premier League is more dynamic and more competitive.”

On flourishing at left-back

“I think the best thing about being a left-back is the fact that you can be a part of the game covering all areas.

“When the team is defending, you have to stand your ground and defend well. When the team is playing midfield, you have to go up the field and stay sharp so that you can help start attacking properly, and when we need to score, you have to cross the ball like we did in the last game so that we can get in the penalty area and finish well.

“I like my position because I can participate in the game for most of the time.”

On building on Watford win against Brentford

“We didn’t earn any points in the first three games of the championship despite playing three excellent games, in my opinion.

“We were able to get three points against Watford away from home, but I think it is important to start earning points at home, to bring those three points home, and bring joy to our fans who fill up the stadium and have kept encouraging and supporting us all this time.

“Without a doubt, this game is one to win and we are going to play with that mindset.”

On season so far

“After what we have done in these first four games, I think we have all we need to fight for a spot in a European championship.

“We should aim for, at least, a place in the Europa League. We should dream for that because we have showed our worth and what we are capable of.

“The season is long, of course, and a lot can happen and change but I believe we are able to take Wolves to a European championship next season.”

On working under Lage

“Bruno came to the club with a very different work approach to the previous manager. With Bruno, I think he knows how he wants the team to play and he can pass that on quite clearly to us during training.

“During a game, it is almost as if several options and solutions come to mind on the spot because these were the suggestions he gave during training and he has been able to carry that through to our games.

“Above all, he is a calm manager with great communicational and educational skills.”