Semedo | 'If we keep playing like this, the results will come'

Back from international duty and returning his focus to Wolves, Nelson Semedo is confident results for his club side are just around the corner.

Prior to the break, Wolves put in three similarly positive performances, with identical results, 1-0 reverses, as luck abandoned Bruno Lage’s side on all three occasions. However, Semedo is taking heart from the chances created, and good ones at that, in those fixtures and expects Wolves to turn the corner soon, hopefully at Watford on Saturday.

On remaining upbeat

“The results have been disappointing because we’ve been doing a lot of very good work. We’re playing very good football and creating a lot of chances, we’ve not scored yet, but if we keep playing like this, the results will come for sure. We’ll try to do everything to score and win this next game because it’s very important.

“The three games, the feeling in the dressing room was frustration because we had a lot of chances to score. We did amazing games and I guess that’s the feeling we should feel after games like that because we know we did a good job, but we’ll keep working.”

On working under Lage

“I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a different way to play from last season and I like it a lot because we have more of the ball, create a lot of chances to score, and it’s very nice. It’s nice to play good football.

“We’re strong [defensively], but obviously we can be even better – that’s our goal. We want to not concede goals and try to score the most we can. That’s what we’re trying to do, we’re working even harder to be a better quality and we will reach that.”

On the goals coming

“I’m sure the goals will come because we are creating the chances. All the games we’ve had clear chances to score, we have to improve on that, and we’ll keep working on that every day, and I’m sure that it’ll come.”

On Saturday’s Watford test

“It’ll be a difficult test, like all the tests we have in the Premier League, but I guess if we play how we’ve been playing there, we’ll be closer to bringing the three points. It’s important, we know the importance of this game, because after three defeats, it’s important to win now to give us more confidence to play the next games.”

On keeping hold of Traore

“He’s very important for us because he’s a great player, he helped us a lot and it’s nice for us to have him here. He’s a very good player, and a very good person as well, and he can help us a lot.”

On meeting Hwang for the first time

“It was my first training session with him on Thursday and he showed very good qualities. I’m sure that he’s going to help us a lot, we will try to help him the best we can, to try to make his adaption easier and for him to be comfortable to help us.”